Monday, June 1, 2009

Review: The Cannery (Port of Vancouver, BC)

It's been sunny all weekend. For me, sun is not conducive to food blogging. Eating - yes...blogging about it, not so much.

Yesterday, we visited The Cannery at the Port of Vancouver for brunch. We had tried visiting a couple weeks prior, but they were closed for one reason or another. The manager was nice enough to give us a small token of appreciation for making it all the way out to visit them - yesterday we finally had the chance!

The Cannery Queen at The Cannery Restaurant, Port of Vancouver, BC

The weather was fantastic and so was the view, so we were surprised that we were seated promptly without any waiting after we arrived without reservations.

M couldn't make up his mind about what to order as we'd had a filling meal the night before with his family. The waiter recommended the lobster eggs benedict, the steak sandwich, and granola and yogurt parfait.

Finally, M chose the steak sandwich, while I decided on the lobster bisque and salmon & crab cakes. I had seen two patrons at a nearby table order the same thing, and wanted to try it as well!

Flavourful and rich lobster bisque at The Cannery Restaurant at the Port of Vancouver, BC. Salmon and Dungeness Crab Cake with tomato and potato salad at The Cannery Restaurant, Port of Vancouver, BC. Skirt Steak Sandwich, The Cannery Restaurant, Port of Vancouver, BC

Can you believe I've never been to The Cannery? I've lived in Vancouver / the Lower Mainland my entire life and even when I was working at their sister restaurant, The Fish House at Stanley Park, I never made it out to The Cannery try their menu.

There's a first time for everything!

I was quite pleased with the service and food quality yesterday. The waiter was amicable and present when we needed anything, and allowed us plenty of time to admire the view and enjoy our meal. The hostess seated us away from the louder, busier part of the main dining room so that we wouldn't be bothered by some of the larger parties that were dining.

Skirt Steak Sandwich with caesar salad and fresh vegetables, The Cannery Restaurant, Port of Vancouver, BC Salmon and Crab Cake, Potato and Tomato salad with grainy mustard and caper dressing, The Cannery Restaurant, Port of Vancouver, BC

The waiter came by with some flakey croissants, butter and jam, and the lobster bisque followed shortly thereafter. One thing both M and I were impressed with was the temperature of the food. It was nicely hot! The bisque was steaming and rich in flavour and texture; it went nicely with my last bite of buttery croissant.

Ms steak sandwich came on a lightly toasted ciabatta. The chunks of steak were juicy and succulent, and he said it was on his list of favourites for steak sandwiches in the Lower Mainland. The sandwich was accompanied by a well-dressed Caesar salad with large slices of good grade parmesan on top. Yum!

My salmon and crab cakes were *hot* as well. They were served with a beautiful mound of harissa mayonnaise, crostinis, and a potato-tomato salad. The salad, although slightly bland, was a nice and light side to the tender salmon and crab cakes. You could taste the salmon, as well as a light helping of crab and cilantro throughout the cakes. It made for a healthy Pacific Northwest meal!

Getting to The Cannery is a little tricky. I was only reminded of the location as I was in the Port of Vancouver doing some work - to my knowledge, the Victoria Drive access is now blockaded; you can only get to the Cannery and the Port of Vancouver via the entrance near Brighton Park (behind the PNE fairgrounds).

As The Cannery is relocating after the Olympics in 2010 for port security reasons and lease issues, make sure you take advantage of their scenery and current brunch / Tuesday night chowder bar specials before then! See their website for more details.

The Cannery

2205 Commissioner St [map]

Vancouver BC

Phone: (604) 254-9606

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  1. What a nice looking brunch! And that view is stunning.


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