Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Baristas are better than Your Baristas!

So it was our local (favourite!) Starbucks' anniversary last week. I couldn't make it in time for their anniversary festivities, but M made it, and won a tumbler and freebie coupon for drink of his choice, as well as his drink of the day for "guessing" the number of beans in a container.

It was awfully sweet and we love our baristas - everyone!

On the weekend, we went down and Zam & Amber gifted us with a giftcard as well!

To make it more touching, they also made us part of their "Anniversary Board":

Wow, talk about making our day and making me smile. To think that we went from being just the grumpy, mumbly couple who dropped by every now and then, to the "guy who ordered a venti dark (because he doesn't like Pike!) and the girl who orders 'whatever' (weather dependent)" to M&J.

Thank you! From the S'bux "original" baristas who have been here for a year (and counting) to Luna (who makes the BEST hazelnut lattes - with a smile, always) to Zam, Sam, Amber and everyone else (you need nametags!) You guys are the bestest!

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