Sunday, June 28, 2009

Review: La Boheme Creperie (Farmers Markets, GVRD, BC)

I haven't exactly felt like blogging as of late. I really need to get on an exercise program as all this food blogging has been taking its toll! :)

The New Westminster / Royal City Farmers Market kicked off on Thursday with local musicians, serenading the crowd, free carrot cake, and lots of local produce and products.

I wasn't exactly in a shopping mood - I just showed up to look around for inspiration and motivation to cook or eat. There was a stand selling bell peppers at a good price - $4 for as many you could fit in a bag, but I remembered that I still had peppers at home. There were garlic scapes in season, but I'd had a little trouble using up my last batch from the Main Street Farmers Market. There were the organic meats and locally caught fish, but I knew that I'd be out this weekend and wouldn't have a chance of finishing any.

I'd heard great things about La Boheme - the line up for them at the Trout Lake Farmers Market was huge, and the lineups at a Portobello West show at the Rocky Mountaineer station was equally long. So when I saw the meager three-person lineup at the Royal City Farmers Market, I knew it was the day to try a crepe.

La Boheme makes their crepes with a light batter made from organic buckwheat flour and a small amount of white flour. I thought that it would make for a heavy crepe, but it actually very light, nutty and added a crisp texture.

I ordered the Ali Baba - red pepper spread, baba ghanoush (seasoned eggplant spread), and feta cheese warmed on a toasty-crisp buckwheat crepe, and topped with lettuce before being wrapped and served. It was a vegetarian option and it was delicious!

Yes, that's right, not just "delicious", but delicious!

I should add, that this crepe made me happy that M wasn't having dinner at home that night. I was extra-garlicky all night and I believe that the people in my building should thank me for fending off any vampires for them that evening. :)

I'm looking forward to trying La Bohemes' other offerings.

La Boheme Creperie is at local farmers markets and other outdoor events throughout the summer. To find out when they are at your local farmers markets, sign up for a newsletter from My Market News. They'll send you newsletters each week for the markets of your choice.

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