Thursday, June 11, 2009

Glance: Main Street Station Farmers Markets (Vancouver, BC)

The Main Street Farmers Market rang in the 2009 season yesterday with a bang! Many vendors and patrons alike were in attendance, and they also had a raffle for market money, which can be purchased at all EatLocal farmers markets and redeemed at any vendor.

What is good about the newly-relocated Main Street Farmers Market is that it is literally steps away from skytrain as well as bus routes. In addition, there are plenty of places to lock up your bike, and free or metered parking should you choose to drive to the market.

Main Street Farmers Market at Thornton Park, just in front of Central Station / Via Rail, Vancouver, BC (2009)

Things that caught my eye? Maples Sugar Shack (from Whistler) that sells maple butter, syrups, maple taffy, and an assortment of other maple products. My Urban Farm, who was selling sunflower sprouts - it wasn't the product that caught my eye, but their quest to change the world, one edible garden / lawn at a time. Go visit their website for more details.

Bad Girl Chocolates made me wish that I'd brought more money - they had truffles and flavoured chocolates for sale.

I wound up walking away with garlic scapes and fresh strawberries. I believe the garlic scapes were from Klippers Organic Farms? ...The strawberries were definitely from Sandhu Farms. Pretty to look and slightly tart, but still so yummy...

Fresh succulent strawberries from Sandhu Farms purchased from the Main Street Farmers Market at Thornton Park, Vancouver, BC. (2009) Garlic scapes, still tender and coiled, bought at the Main Street Farmers Market at Thornton Park, Vancouver, BC (2009)

What are garlic scapes, you ask? They are the sprouts that come from the head of the garlic heads. Although to be called scapes they need to have the distinctive "coil". They should be harvested while they are still green and coiled, before they have straightened out as the scapes are still tender at this point and haven`t developed any bitterness. ...It was my first time purchasing garlic scapes, so I quizzed the vendor on how to prepare them. She suggested salads, or blanching. However, when I returned home last night, M had barbequed up some steak for steak sandwiches! I promptly sauteed the scapes in some butter - the result was a product that had the flavour of garlic, and the texture of green beans. I`m looking forward to other recipes with garlic scapes!

The Main Street Farmers Market also had a stand about the 100 mile diet. I thought this was a nice coincedence, as I`d blogged about it briefly yesterday before I went out. Seeing so many people interested in sustainable farming and eating is a plus. :) Yay Vancouver!


  1. I like garlic sprout, stirred fried with sticky I want to try them with double cooked pork...
    I don't see them here....

  2. I'm eating garlic scapes right now in my omelette! I missed the main st market last week but I'm going to try and go today!


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