Thursday, June 4, 2009

Review: Marble Slab Creamery (Big Bend, Burnaby, BC)

It is too hot to eat, or blog, for that matter! But I'm a sucker for punishment...

I apologize to everyone who follows me on twitter and saw my tweet yesterday regarding the offer for $1 off their new promotion, the celebrity sundaes. It seems that not all of the Marble Slab Creamery franchises are taking part in this promotion, like I found out yesterday at the Burnaby (Big Bend / Market Crossing) location.

I was *so* looking forward to trying Jeff's creation! If you've been keeping up with your ice cream news, you'll know that Marble Slab has their seasonal promotion of three sundaes inspired / created by three of the contestants of Top Chef. Namely, Fabio, Jeff, and Carla. I guess that Stefan didn't want to put his mug / seal of approval on a franchised ice cream shoppe!

Since the celebrity sundaes weren't available at the Market Crossing location (or the clerk was just screwing around with me - it happens!), I opted to go with their double dark chocolate ice cream with a crispy crunch "mixin'". It was just okay. The novelty of having a "topping" custom-mixed into an ice cream of your choice is great, I guess.

But I felt the chocolate ice cream was just barely passeable for "double dark chocolate" - frankly, it tasted like regular chocolate ice cream to me. Not icey like other chocolate ice creams, but not outstanding either. And it was nicely chilled and there was an ample amount of crispy crunch mixed in, resulting in every spoonful of ice cream having some crispy crunch in it.

I have had other flavours of ice cream / mixins' and they were much better (like the birthday cake, or praline ice creams!), so I would get those specialty flavours next time at Marble Slab.

Marble Slab Creamery

7527 Market Crossing [map]

Burnaby BC

Phone: (604) 439-7522

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  1. That looks very satisfying on a hot summer day, even if it was just okay. I have two pints of mango sorbet sitting in the fridge!

  2. I really like Marble Slab. Funny how I thought they copied Coldstone, when it's the other way around. No matter, I like them both. But for some reason or another, I like Coldstone more. It's probably because of the "it's not available here" phenomenon.


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