Monday, June 15, 2009

Guilty Pleasures: Screamers at Danny's Market and Pizza (Richmond, BC)

I had another *fantastic* weekend (and a busy Monday!) that was kicked off by a Screamer at Danny's Market & Pizzeria in Richmond.

People who know me know that I have one of those "addictive" personalities - I pick something up, I love it, and then I *have* to have it. There was the first night when I logged on to the internet and stayed glued for about twelve hours straight (when my brother woke up and had to pry me off). There were the times when I drove to Sephora *just* to get Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer when I first heard of it (I still use it religiously, to this day). There was the time when I hunted down my size of Pumas when one of the only pairs was downtown - I drove there straight after work to pick them up (still in their box, well worn but still beautiful).

Sometimes I think I just love the becomes part of the obsession and experience.

Such was the case when I read Five Loaves' review of Screamers, part of me said, "me want."

Being that I work in Richmond, I began to plan out how I'd take my prey.

I'm usually one of the unfortunate saps that make up the Knight Street traffic during rush hour, so being that Francis Road is in the opposite direction of home, I decided to drop by on a Friday to ring in the weekend.

It was a great choice.

I pulled up to Danny's on a hot Friday afternoon. It's one of those corner stores that has every kid in the ten-block (ok, maybe every five Richmond blocks) radius hanging out. There were kids sitting and sipping screamers on the plant stands outside - you know. The green painted risers that could be stairs leading up any east van porch. There were kids inside who had just finished their after school basketball pickup game and ordering a slice of pizza along with their screamer. There were even the one or two truck drivers / cabbies / off-work construction workers ordering a screamer combo.

All that was missing was the Street Fighter game in the corner and the "sore-loser" kid that would lose and scream at their best friend for pulling a cheap move...

Wow. What a step back in time.

A screamer, as posters around Danny's Market claim, are "The Best Drink on Earth". It is a perfect parfait-style layering of thick soft serve ice cream, and syrup-flavoured slush that results in a concoction that is not ice cream float, and not slurpee, but a thirst-quenching hybrid of spoonable, slurpable goodness.

Danny's Market is just around the corner from an outdoor go-kart track and a load of fruit farms. I'm thinking it'd make a good "trip back in time" afternoon stop after some go-kart racing and farmers markets.

Danny's Market & Pizza

9040 Francis Road [map]

Richmond, BC

Danny's Market on Urbanspoon


  1. Thanks for linking back to us! Since making that post, I've already been back once for more screamers.. they're too good!

  2. MMMMMmmmmmm ice cream and slush, kind of like the slushy at Qoola.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I'm probably going to add Danny's Market to my repertoire - I like how they ask if you want extra ice cream (although it'd make it a meal for me at that point).

    I only tried Qoola the other day - a little impressed and underwhelmed at the same time. :o\


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