Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review: Marinaside Grill (North Vancouver, BC)

Ms brother J had his birthday this past weekend. We celebrated as a family by going down the Marinaside Grill, located in the industrial area just west of the Second Narrows bridge.

We'd been here before with Ms parents, and the parents also had their large birthday celebration at the MarinaSide Grill earlier this year, so we *kind of* knew what to expect and to order.

Last year, we dropped by MarinaSide Grill hoping for a patio seat to enjoy the sun and some cold beers and appys - there was no chance, as the restaurant doesn't offer reservations for the patio, and there was already an hour long wait.

This time, we arrived super early to snag a couple tables and to chillax on the patio.

Sandwich board: Please see hostess for indoor / outdoor seating. (Marina Side Grill, North Vancouver, BC)

We arrived nearly an hour earlier than everyone in our party. After waiting a short while at the hostess stand, we were ushered to our tables - the girls had pushed three tables together for our party of twelve. I thought this was really nice of them since they knew that 1) we were the only ones of our party that were there, 2) they had small lineups at the stand while we waited, and 3) really...we had superb seats. Nice job ladies! And I have to mention - the sandwich board at the front door was just common sense - it tells you to see the hostess for seating arrangements. Easy to do right? When we were in White Rock a couple weekends ago, there were hostesses on every floor. How hard is it to traffic people to the right person? Anyways!

Since we got there so early, M and I started ordering drinks and also shared a fish and chips because we hadn't had lunch.

Yummy, crispy, tender fish and chips at Marina Side Grill (North Vancouver, BC)

The dish arrived quickly. It was piping hot and M rated it better than the fish and chips at Charlie Don't Surf. The fish at MarinaSide was fresher, ie. it hadn't been sitting in the freezer as long. The fish was tender and moist, while the batter was light and crispy. The fries were a nice accompaniment, while the tartar provided the right zing and richness as a condiment.

We tried to eat as slowly as we could, since we had an hour to burn, but Ms family arrived soon enough.

New Zealand Mussels in a light cream sauce, garlic bread, Marina Side Grill, North Vancouver, BC Marina Bake: prawns, halibut, scallops, and salmon in a cream sauce, baked with a pastry shell top - Marina Side Grill, North Vancouver, BC Sailor's stuffed Chicken, Marina Side Grill, North Vancouver, BC

It was nice that everyone ordered different items, except for about three people who ordered prime rib. We've had their prime rib before, and although it is good value, we found it a little tough and unaged. Still, for $19-$22 a shot, it beats a lot of places around town!

Since me and M had already finished a fish and chips, I ordered mussels. It was good that day that it was a smaller portion since I was a little full, but on a regular day, there was no way I could treat the mussels as an entree. I'd still be hungry afterwards! On a good note though, the creamy broth was extremely flavourful. I almost wanted to take it home to use as a base for chowder!

Ms dad ordered a Marina bake. We had some and noticed the large scallops and prawns in it - the sauce was a little light, and based on the richness of the dish, the portion was just about right.

One of Ms nephews ordered the Sailor Stuffed Chicken. He had it previously and couldn't stop going on about it. *I have to learn to listen to people.* :p

Big Beef Ribs @ Marina Side Grill, North Vancouver, BC. Next time I am *making* M order this.

Look at those big beef ribs!!! Ms brother in law had ordered these - they were extremely generous with the portions and the ribs looked delectable. Again, BIL had had it before, and knew what to order.

St. Louis Ribs - pork ribs slathered with barbeque sauce, Marina Side Grill, North Vancouver, BC Maui Rib Dinner @ Marina Side Grill, North Vancouver, BC. Next time I am ordering this! Mediterranean Penne @ Marina Side Grill, North Vancouver, BC

Ms other nephew had ordered the St. Louis ribs. These were no baby ribs! These were meaty, yet tender, and I felt a tinge of jealousy when the BIL & nephews food came. Next time we are ordering those two dishes!

Ms brother also had ribs - the Maui rib dinner, while M himself had allowed me to order for him (so he says!) and had Mediterranean Penne.

I have to say, although the seafood dishes were tasty, comparing the value you got with the meat dishes, there was no comparison. We have pledged not to order seafood at the Marina Side Grill unless we are feeling full. :)

Service was prompt and efficient; when the parents had their 60-person party at MarinaSide Grill, the restaurant handled the affair with professionalism and accuracy. They even made up for one (of our) vital mistakes! I'm sure we'll visit MarinaSide Grill again to admire the sunset or to down a cold cocktail or five.

MarinaSide Grill

1653 Columbia Street [map]

North Vancouver BC

Phone: (604) 988-0038

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