Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Asia Deli (Richmond, BC)

The heat and the lack of air conditioning at work has made it unthinkable to have anything that is hot for lunch. I've been subsisting on cold noodles, salads, and cold sandwiches when I've been in the office. The exception comes when it is a good banh mi sandwich, off the office premises.

Last week I stopped by New Asia Deli several times to escape the stagnant heat of the office (I think the floorboards were literally emanating heat at one point) and to enjoy some refreshments.

A quick search for banh mi joints in Richmond yielded New Asia Deli. It's close enough to work and it was exactly what I wanted!

So far, I've tried their special baguette, their chicken baguette, their salad roll, and an iced Horlicks malted milk drink, both in iced, and slush form. The bread they use for their sandwiches are fresh, light, and shatteringly-crisp. Like I say - you know you have good banh mi bread when you've finished your sandwich and have a lap full of crumbs. :)

Their special baguette has an assortment of mixed cold cuts, while their chicken baguette is a bit of a misnomer - it was the dried shredded meat that was used instead of what I had pictured (grilled lemongrass chicken). The cold-pickled carrots and daikon were nicely crisp and slightly tart at the same time, a nice compliment to the salt of the meat and flavour of fresh cilantro sprigs within each sandwich. I haven't tried their meat ball baguette but would definitely try it next time.

The salad roll was acceptable, although I don't believe I'd order it again as I can make it myself. I did like that they individually wrapped each salad roll so that it wouldn't dry out, nor stick together.

The malted milk drinks (Horlicks) were well prepared. Iced, it was slightly sweet and a nice accompaniment to lunch. In its slush form, it cooled me down in the warm office, much like a Tim Hortons Ice Capp. Yum!

The best part about New Asia Deli? The ladies are so friendly! It kind of shocked me the first time, when I was grumpy and hot and sweaty. But the lady was gentle and nice and didn't correct my awful "Chinglish" ordering. She even advised me to order a slush Horlicks on my second visit, because, as she put it, "it would be more fragrant and taste better."

Well, good service makes food taste better. It's nice to have discovered New Asia Deli - hopefully I'll have a chance to try their pho soon.

New Asia Deli

1113-3779 Sexsmith Rd [map]

Richmond BC

Phone: (604) 279-4288

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  1. I have actually never had a bahn mi before, but I've always wanted to try one!

  2. I heart Vietnamese sandwiches. I take mine with extra hot peppers, please. I don't know if they are actually healthy, but they sure taste nice and lite.

  3. Your bahn mi looks more stuffed with filling then I usually see it! But I guess thats what you get for paying $3.75! Gotta love the crumbs that get stuck in your car seat...


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