Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Glance: Coquitlam Farmers Market (624 Poirier, Coquitlam, BC)

We also visited the Coquitlam Farmers Market this weekend. Tis the season to be out in the sun!

I love that BC is the "birthplace" of the 100 mile diet. I love more that the local food movement has made for some imaginative ideas and products. As I've said before, I'm going to try and explore more of the farmers markets and their offerings. If you're interested in farmers markets / pocket markets in your area, please sign up for a weekly newsletter from My Market News (tell them Yum-O-Rama sent you!) or visit the Eat Local website for more information.

BTW, June is "Bike to Market" month - bring your bike down for special offers like a free tutorial on bike maintenance, free bike valet, coupons, and more! (Not all services available at all farmers markets)

The Coquitlam Farmers Market offered less claustrophobia than the Trout Lake one. I did go earlier, so perhaps I missed the peak "rush hour" for the market. In any case, you had more time to chat,with the vendors, take a couple photos, and ask any questions you might have had.

That being said, I only took a handful of photos as I felt a little naked without human shields from my camera!

I wound up buying a bunch of long beautiful green onions and some radishes. They were the first stall I stopped at, but I bought the items after I'd had a gander through everything else. (I'm seeing scallion pancakes and Vietnamese salad rolls in my future...) She also had some corn plants on sale; if only I had a back yard! Both times while I was at her stall, other patrons stopped and asked when she'd be getting her garlic scapes. I guess I'll have to return for those!

Langley Organic Growers / Langley Co-op also had a stall at this location, and had the most beautiful salad greens ever. However, we weren't having dinner at home that night, so we didn't pick any up. Next time...Dr. time. ;)

We also happened upon the "Mushroom Man" at the edge of the parking lot. He had a massive clump of oyster mushrooms sprouting out of the side of a growing vessel he had, as well as a selection of gorgeous mushrooms on sale. Again, we weren't having dinner at home that night, so it was a little bit of a bummer.

What else was there...we picked up a 8" California Lilac / ceanothus victoria from S&S Nursery for a bargain! He also had a banana tree and a weeping birch (and many, many others) were interested in. I hope he still has some if we go back later this season!

There were other beautiful things - a variety of honey and honey products from Vlad's Apiary, Unwind Yarns who dyes and spins her own yarn (on Ravelry as khetala), and Gesundheit Bakery which had yummy looking cherry strudel, cinnamon twists, and cheese bread.

It was a good experience. Looking forward to visiting either the Main Street Station Farmers market today, or the SFU Pocket Market - I suppose that weekday farmers market are more down to business and offer more produce? Looking forward to it, in any case!

Coquitlam Farmers Market @ Dogwood Pavilion Parking Lot (Sundays from 9am to 1pm, seasonally)

624 Poirier Street, at Winslow Ave [map]

Coquitlam BC

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