Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review: Tentatsu (Hastings-Sunrise, Vancouver, BC)

We felt like sushi after coffee this weekend. Driving down Hastings, we remembered a busy restaurant that we had passed many a time while shopping at Donald's Market, or picking up bbq pork at a nearby Chinese butcher shop. It was always busy, and had traffic whether for an eat-in meal, or a for take-out orders.

Judging by the menu posted in the window, it was easy to see why. Tentatsu seemed to offer good value.

I will admit - I am a *lot* like my dad when I am hungry. I get grumpy. I get exasperated. I just *need* food, to, as he puts it, "feel like a human again".

Such was the case this Saturday, when we had driven for a while and M was still at a loss at what type of food he wanted to eat, or what he wanted to order. I was about to lose it. :p

We decided on three items: seafood okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake / omelette of sorts, a sashimi combo, and the Love Flower. Unfortunately, due to my brain going on "starvation mode", I can't remember which sashimi combo it was, all I know is that it was good, and the fresh ebi were huge!

The ebi were the most impressive part of the sushi combo, which came with twelve pieces of fresh-tasting sashimi, including mackerel, salmon, tuna, surf clam, the ebi, and snapper. It *definately* satisfied the sashimi / sushi craving!

While I made the ultimate decision to try the okonomiyaki at Tentatsu, I was a disappointed when it came. It was a great deal thicker than what I was expecting. It had a suitable amount of seafood in it, and the flavour of the shrimp and octopus came through nicely, but it wasn't cooked long enough to give the crisp outer later nor the "charred" flavour that I wanted from a good okonomiyaki. M said he liked that it wasn't greasey, and would order it again, but I found it too starchy and would likely pass on ordering it again in the future.

What I was impressed with, was the Love Flower. It was sure awkward to eat, however! The Love Flower is a center of chopped scallop set atop sushi rice, wrapped with two thick slices of salmon, and garnished with lettuce and roe; one piece is topped with flying fish roe, the other, salmon roe. Perhaps it was the chefs play on comedy & tragedy masks? The flavour of the bitter salmon roe cut through the slightly sweet scallop and salmon, while the flying fish roe made that piece even sweeter. . . such is love!

At just over $30 for two people and a full belly, we'd come back to Tentatsu. Their rolls looked great - I just wouldn't order their okonomiyaki next time. Tentatsu doesn't beat the North Shore for sushi in my books, but it is plenty fine for Vancouver! ;)

2430 East Hastings Street [map]

Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604-255-3733

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  1. Let's hope this place lasts. In the last couple of years, several sushi shops have opened and closed in the exact same spot...

  2. The presentation looks great! The Love Flower in particular is very unique. I've never seen anything like that.

  3. i'm craving for these foods. it's been a long time i don't eat sushi.


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