Friday, May 15, 2009

Seattle Review: Von's Grand City Cafe (Downtown, Seattle, WA)

Night two brought us to downtown Seattle. While I had been in an eight hour workshop, my mother had brunch in the hotel, went shopping, and took a nap in the afternoon. So she had lots of energy. Me, on the other hand - I was a little tired.

It made no difference. We took a shuttle from the hotel to downtown, and shopped for a while before we discovered that if we didn't eat soon (it was nearing nine o'clock), we'd miss our last shuttle back to the hotel. ...And as we had discovered the night before, there was *not much* to eat near the hotel...

We hurried along the downtown core, looking for something reasonable in price but also palatable. Mom wanted steak. You know. Steeeeaaaaak.

She asked me a couple times why I didn't look up all the Kegs in the area.

I rolled my eyes. "We didn't come down here to get something we could have at home!"

We decided on Von's Grand City Cafe, which the driver had recommended and that I had heard about from a friend or relative, or someone.

We were not disappointed.

I am probably biased on the fact that Von's had a huge slab of meat roasting and rotating on a spit that was displayed in the front entrance window, and the fact that they served two harried looking women with such ease and punctuality. I think we were in and out in less than forty minutes and the bill amounted to the same as the previous night.

We split a prime rib that came with a generous portion of fresh vegetables and a comforting portion of garlicky herbed mashed potatoes that had a gorgeous slab of seasoned butter melting into it. *yum*. I also ordered a caesar (bloody mary?) that really hit the spot.

I'd definitely go back to Von's. Even if just for a side of potatoes...

A plus was that Von's offered free fruitwood chips and a recipe fo two-day herbed chicken. The small paper bags were liberally strewn throughout the restaurant, so I grabbed a bag. Or two. I'll have to try the recipe out and blog about it!

Von's Grand City Cafe

619 Pine Street [map]

Phone: 206-621-8667

Seattle WA

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