Friday, May 15, 2009

Seattle Snacks: Red Mango Frozen Yogurt (Pacific Place, Downtown Seattle, WA)

Well, it ends up that we had misjudged the time and after our speedy (but lip-smacking) meal at Von's, we were way ahead of time and would now have to *wait* for our shuttle back to the hotel.

We shopped some more at Pacific Place Mall, and eventually found ourselves at the lower level near Red Mango.

While the frozen yogurt trend has hit Vancouver, yours truely has yet to make it out to try any local joints! I decided that I try some Red Mango. I ordered a green tea yogurt with a cocoa puffs topping.

While the cocoa puffs were more sugar than chocolate, and more flake (special k style) than puff, it was a nice, light, refreshing treat to end out the night.

Red Mango

600 Pine Street [map]

Seattle WA

Phone: (206) 340-2620

Red Mango on Urbanspoon


  1. Mmm, sounds so good... I wish they made a vegan frozen soy yogurt!

  2. Green tea frozen yogurt sounds delicious! Great reviews of Seattle places!

  3. There are a few places with vegan soy frozen yogurt:

    Sundaes Yogurt

    Check with the manager for the rotation to see when they'll have it in the machines!

  4. Thanks for the info Anonymous! Will have to check Menchies out the next time I'm in that part of Seattle.


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