Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Edible Garden is Growing!

Hope you all got started on your gardens and herbs indoors this year - it's been a cold long spring but summer is just around the corner! I'm trying to persuade M to do an overnight in Hope this weekend - it's going to be 25 - 30ÂșC weekend and SUNNY!

...I am in dire need of some sun, can you tell?

the potted oregano herb is growing like crazy! I love using the oregano as a garnish to flatbreads, salads, and vegetables! The baby basil have finally grown a little - hopefully I get at least some leaves out of it. You can't see it here, but this bell pepper plant has a small flower budding. That means one bell pepper for me, none for you! :p

Meanwhile, the plants have been taking advantage of the sudden sun - the oregano is growing (going) crazy, the basil has *finally* showed some signs of growth, and the pepper plants, although severely stunted in growth has a small flower bud appearing on it!

It makes me happy. :)

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  1. That looks wonderful. My basil has been out on the balcony for a few weeks now & while I thought it was doing well, the joy was shortlived. I'm sure your plants will thrive in the good climate! Good Luck!


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