Sunday, May 17, 2009

Event: Trout Lake Farmers Market! (Trout Lake, Vancouver, BC)

This weekend marked the start of the Trout Lake Farmers Market season. Hosting a number of BC-based businesses and a lot of inspiration, artistic prowess, and entrepreneurship; it made me love BC a whole lot more.

I was expecting to see more fresh produce, but I must have gotten there a bit late (11am?). A lot of the produce stalls were nearly empty when I got there!

It was pretty packed and I had to circle around a couple times to find a good spot. Next time (when I am not so pressed for time!) I'll make an effort to walk or skytrain down.

Blue Comet stocked some smoked salmon products, while Geldermanfarms offered farm-fresh pork and pork products.

To round out the meat spectrum, Jay Springs Lamb had different cuts of lamb available for purchase, as well as something extra - yarn! There were lots and *lots* of beautiful shades of yarn at their stall, I only wished that I had brought more money so that I could stock up on some hand-dyed yarn! What was also nice was that it was quite reasonably priced - hand-dyed, variety of weights, variety of colours. I love it!

In the middle of the aisle a band was playing. I guess there were of the funky folk genre? They called themselves Blackberry Wood. I *love* that they had a trumpet player (who also was the lead singer) as well as an accordian player. :)

I wound up buying a whole bag of mushrooms from the Richmond Specialty Mushroom Farms stall and was quite enamoured with the bright beautiful packaging at Kalley Kandy. They sell one product - fresh nougat that is made in Vancouver and let me tell you, they are quite delicious! I shared some with my mother, hairdresser, and hairdressers' assistant, and they all asked me where I got them. It goes to show that fresh is better. :)

There were six pieces in a bag and each bag was $5 for one, or $9 for two. Kalley took the care to toast the almonds, so they were a nice crunchy contrast to the soft and tender nougat.

As I wasn't going home after the farmers market, I didn't pick up any leafy vegetables (as they'd probably wilt away to nothing by the end of the day). I'll have to make an effort to get to the Celyddon stall next time as the line up was enormous - I think it stretched to four stalls long at one point!

The most unique stalls went to Don Aspirin, for his beautiful presentation, cutting, and cheese boards, and the lady at the south end of the market with her antique, one-of-a-kind repurposed windchimes. The only problem if I ever bought one of the cutting boards would be that I wouldn't have the heart to really use them - they are that beautiful!

Afterwards I wound up at Whole Foods on Cambie. They had a vendors market, featuring some local entrepreneurs and their products. What impressed me though, was that Whole Foods had engineered some "green" aspects to their building design. The outside of the building had plants "tiled" along the exterior. Love it.

Here's to a local, green, long weekend. Have a good one!

The Trout Lake Farmers Market runs on Saturdays from 10am - 2pm at the Trout Lake parking lot at Victoria Drive & 15 Avenue. Every Saturday until October 10th!

More photos at my flickr photoset.


  1. There's a farmer's market here every Thurs. , from 8am to 1pm, but you wouldn't see those beautiful wood bread / pizza shovel.

  2. Farmer's markets are so fun! I haven't been to our local one this season yet. Looking forward to it.

  3. I wanted to go to this farmer's market; however, I was busy until noon so... :( Unfortunately, I won't be going this week either (most probably will be in Eat Vancouver). Probably should wait until it is a bit warmer.

    Out of curiosity is the crepe stand there again? I was there last year and there was a LONG queue for that stand.

  4. Angie, I *loved* those wooden boards. I would never have the heart to actually chop on them though!

    5 Star Foodie - this was my first one! I've always lived close to two of them but I've never made it out, I never knew what I was missing, but now I know that I have to go early. :)

    KimHo: That's right, Eat Vancouver is this weekend. I have to buy my tickets online. I'm not sure about the crepe stand - there two prepared food carts on either end of the parking lot, and they both had huge lineups. A lot of people were carrying crepe-like creations around. They looked like they were made from buckwheat or a darker wheat and looked great. I'll have to try them another weekend!

  5. I was there this weekend! Definitely try the crepes next time you go, my favorites are the ratatouille with goat cheese and greens or the ricotta with apple cranberry compote and honey!

  6. Laura, The crepes did look particularly inviting! I think I'm going to try to make it to most / all of the farmers markets this year. Anything that I should look out for?

  7. Oh boy, I have trouble remembering some of the names of the stands! It also depends on the saturday, sometimes some stands are there one week but not the next. "Kneed Some Dough" makes a yummy welsch cake, the tomato booth always has a lineup, there is a mushroom man who when they are in season, has great fresh chanterelles and I'm not sure if they are at the summers farmers market but at the Winter Farmers Market Tarragon Foods makes the best dill pickles I have ever had (local too)! I had to lug 3 jars in my luggage when I went home to visit my family because they are addicted to them. I bought some mixed greens from one of the stands last week and it made a fantastic salad! Oh and when cherry season comes around I buy them buy the pound!

  8. Funny, I hit both the Trout Lake Farmers Market and the Cambie Whole Foods while in town! Was really impressed with the farmers market, but my absolute favorite thing was the honey almond nougat from Kalley Kandy - wish I had bought more. The purple psychadelic crepe truck was also very interesting. Loved hanging out after at Trout Lake watching happy dogs swim out to retrieve balls. (seriously, need to get my act together and post my trip photos soon!!!)

  9. Trippy coincidences! Kalley Kandy was a favourite for me too - I was literally thinking, "oh no...if I don't give this out to the last lady in the hair salon she'll feel left out...but if I give it to her I'll only have one piece left." Guess what I did? lol


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