Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review: Fets Pasta Bar & Grill (The Drive, Vancouver, BC)

We love The Drive. Not only is it a couple skytrain stops away, but it is its ecclectic, cultural, and primitive vibe that makes it a go-to place on weekends and sunny days.

We first came by Fets one year when we went to the Drives' annual "Parade of Lost Souls". The event usually takes place a weekend or two before Halloween, and the extravagant costumes (or lack thereof) and makeup that people assemble and celebrate in is phenomenal.

Fets is right across from Grandview Park, and so it was a great spot for people watching.

On this occasion, however, it was sunny and we were looking for a nice place to brunch. With its patio and muraled walls, Fets fit the bill.

We started off with the Creole Clam Chowder. It isn't on the menu - but the last time we were here, we spotted a regular chowing down on it and ordered it. It was as tasty and warming as it was that cold night in October...

This is what the boy ordered. Yes. I say, "Let's go out for brunch!" And he orders fish and chips. They were great though - flakey fish, crisp fries, yummy tartar sauce. The coleslaw wasn't too rich and was fresh.

I ordered the apple-cinnamon French toast, with bacon and over-easy eggs. I always order over-easy eggs, not once have I ever had them slathered / bathed with clarified butter. It was pretty rich and I had an upset stomache the entire afternoon! That aside though, the French toast really hit the spot. Light and fluffy, nicely seasoned with cinnamon.

I'm kind of divided on Fets here. While I love the atmosphere the Fets has, how do you screw up so badly on eggs??

Next time I'll just stick with pub grub.

Fets Pasta Bar & Grill

1230 Commercial Drive [map]

Vancouver BC

Phone: (604) 255-7771

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