Monday, April 13, 2009

Review: South Ocean Seafood Restaurant (Garden City Road, Richmond, BC)

I visited South Ocean Seafood Restaurant the first week of March, but didn't feel like blogging about it until I pulled their business card out of my coat pocket for the millionth time. We went for one of my cousins birthdays, since they were having a special on their King Crab (mid to late winter is when King Crab is in season, and thus, "on special" at many places).

Being the devouring mob that we were, we arrived at South Ocean (at Garden City & Alderbridge way in Richmond) promptly and waited for our feast. And wait we did... I believe our meal took more than three hours!

We ordered an assortment of food aside from the Alaskan King Crab. There were hot pots of chicken and mushroom, and fish and tofu. There was the Peking Duck done two ways - lettuce wrap and crepes. There was sauteed vegetable. We also ordered sweet and sour pork.

It was all very...bland. The crab itself, we thought, was overcooked and seemed to be lacking salt, as you could *see* the amount of minced garlic garnishing all the crab legs, but you couldn't taste it! The crab rice, although impressive in size and dramatic in presentation, was average at best. My sister lamented that she had been getting her wisedom teeth done when our family had gone to Excelsior and she wasn't able to join us. (She is in love with Excelsiors' crab rice).

The Peking Duck crepes were tasty enough, but when its counterpart, the lettuce wrap, we sized it up, looked around the two tables of eight, and said, "who shrunk the lettuce wrap?!" It was literally only enough for two to three people.

Nothing was really notable about South Ocean except that they seem to have cheap (toonie) dim sum on certain days of the week before noon.

Blah. South Ocean Seafood Restaurant did not live up to our expectations.

South Ocean Seafood Restaurant

#140 - 4751 Garden City Road (@ Alderbridge Way) [map]

Richmond, BC

Phone: 604-278-1233

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  1. Cool, some of these are our favorite dishes! Canada has a large Chinese population?

  2. What a feast! And I can't believe the meal took 3 hours! Bah, too bad you didn't enjoy the food too much. Hope you had a good time celebrating your cousin's birthday regardless!

  3. You have been dining out......:-)))

  4. Gawd... looks like you had the same bad experience I had. 3 hours to finish a meal... ridiculous!


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