Thursday, April 9, 2009

Review: Koon Bo (Vancouver, BC)

Koon Bo is one of those neighbourhood restaurants that has been around for *forever* and caters to the locals. Tucked away in a small strip of businesses on 41st and Fraser Street in Burnaby, parking can be meager, but free.

We've gone to Koon Bo for almost twelve years since one of the brothers from Koon Lok (down the street on Fraser) parted ways and started up Koon Bo.

It is typically one of those restaurants that has one or two "specialty" dishes that you visit time and time again for. For us, it is their shredded chicken and jellyfish salad, their oysters (deep fried or steamed - garlic or black bean), and roast duck. Seasonally, they also offer a lamb hot pot which is delicious on a cold winter night.

The place is known to be packed and if you do not have a reservation, or have shown up late, prepare to wait a while.

Their shredded chicken and jellyfish salad (or "sau see gai" / hand shredded chicken) is served with sesame oil, pickled vegetables, crunchy deep fried noodles, and is garnished with sesame seeds. If you have a small appetite and ask nicely, they'll even pack up half your order (remind them to separate the wet ingredients and dry noodles) to go!

Koon Bo really knows how to do their oysters. Steamed, they arrive, piping hot, with your choice of topping - black bean, or garlic. Deep fried, they are also mouth-burning hot, with a fluffy crisp batter enveloping each oyster.

Their roast duck? Not your ordinary roast duck. You may have to reserve a duck ahead of time as they have been known to "sell out" of duck. The poultry is roast and is served hot, with crispy skin, tender and juicy meat, and lots of pan juice for spooning over rice.

Koon Bo: for comfort food.

Koon Bo

5682 Main Street [map]

Vancouver BC

Phone: 604-323-1218

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  1. That oyster king!
    Roasted duck and Peking duck in thee Cantonese restaurants sell like a hot pancake. Esp. Peking duck, always fun to watch the waiters do the show.....slicing the duck skin off, spreading on fermented bean sauce, and rolling up with a spring onion chillie ring...

  2. Great post, Jessica! Vancouver Chowdown is having a chowdown there on the 12th. Cannot wait! You guys oughta join up...

  3. Thanks for the info Karl, Think we will pass on the chowdown on the 12th though. The dishes you guys are ordering are spot on! If it were a colder month I'd suggest the oysters, but between the squab, duck, shredded chicken, and tofu dishes you guys are getting the best of Koon Bo. Enjoy it!


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