Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Foodie Finds: Kitchen Goodies (Metropolis, Burnaby, BC)

I thought I would start something a little different here on Yum-O-Rama. After all, how does one come to enjoy great food without great settings and servingware, fresh and exotic ingredients, and awesome kitchen toys?!

In this first segment I'm visiting one kitchen store that is near and dear to my heart: Kitchen Goodies.

Kitchen Goodies is located on the second floor of Metropolis in Metrotown, Burnaby. It is right outside the mall entrance to The Bay department store, and was one of the first stores I fell in love with before I started culinary school eons ago.

It was where I bought my first small off-set spatula, and would return time and time again to peruse the store and run my fingers along their many cookie cutter sets (including a tea party set, marine set, hearts, doggie treats, and mini cookie cutter sets).

The store also has an assortment of bread, cake, and madeleine pans, and features lines from Emile Henry, Le Creuset, and Microplane labels.

I was there recently and they also have pre-seasoned cast iron in smaller sizes and shapes, perfect for "hot plate" dishes, or serving okinomiyaki, or pah jeon. In addition to cute and colourful Emile Henry pinch bowls, they also had an assortment of utilitarian pinch and mise en place bowls, sold in stacks of four to eight. (There's something about kitchen organization that is comforting!)

Fave Splurges? The "new" cast iron offerings (I've been having pahjeon cravings lately :), or the colourful Emile Henry tagines (I've always wanted one!).

Bonus: The shop lady / ladies are always there to offer help if you need it, but understand if you want to stand and stare / admire / gawk at all the lovely kitchen goodies!

Kitchen Goodies

4820 Kingsway #328 [map]

Burnaby BC

Phone: 604-438-5805

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  1. I got really really sad experience at the shop today.

    I bought a salad dressing bottle on Feb. 19, 2010.
    At that time, I didn't have enough time to talk to staff.

    Then I took it to home and wash it by dish-washer before I use it. The dressing bottle's recipe was gone but I couldn't understand the happening.

    I took it back to the shop today, Feb. 27, 2010.
    Because the receipt shows that REFUND OR EXCHANGE WITHIN 10 DAYS so I thought I should take it to refund or exchange.

    I explain that my situation when I bought the bottle, I was rush but I wanted.
    I couldn't see any sign that's about dish-washer safe or not. Then I used it.

    The shop's staff, Tom Yu said that you made a mistake, that's not our fault.
    We can't do anything, we can't refund or exchange it.

    But I didn't know and see any sign or paper about warnig dish-washer on/in the bottle and the shop.
    How can I know about that??? I asked him.

    He said you should ask.

    But I said I didn't have enough time to talk to staff, I was rush I couldn't think about at that time. Because I was using the same kind of bottle. By accident, I broke it. That's why I need another one and I bought it.
    And also, I was using dish-washer the old bottle to wash. That was fine so I used dish-washer the new bottle before I use.

    But he said No that's your fault.
    And he showed/pointed some kitchen staff and asked me do you think can you use these for dish-washer?

    Is that good customer service?
    I really really wondered.

    Then he showed a catalog and said you should talk to the company which we bought from.

    I asked the company phone number.
    But I was not sure the bottle belongs to the catalog's company. I asked him to show the page that has the bottle's picture.

    He said No because it's not public, it's only for store staff.
    So then, how can I trust him/shop?

    He gave me the company's phone number today.
    But today is Saturday, it's weekend.
    The company is closed.
    Time is running, my receipt is going to expire.

    For me, it's really really sad experience at the shop....
    I'm starting to wonder their customer service today.....


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