Friday, April 3, 2009

The Quest: Are you my Cannoli? Italia Bakery (Hastings, Vancouver, BC)

This is a fun little project!

I continue my quest for the perfect cannoli, or a cannoli that compares to the light, crisp, slightly sweet concoction I had a couple weeks ago at La Piazza Dario Ristorante.

My search directed me towards Italia Bakery, located on East Hastings street, between Renfrew and Kaslo streets (half a block away from the PNE grounds).

I was delighted to find that Italia Bakery had three offerings in the cannoli category, by way of a Ricotta Cannoli, one that seemed to be a combination of light and dark custard fillings, and a Hazelnut Chocolate Cannoli (I was so excited when I read the label that I nearly jumped up and down and started clapping.)

But. I restrained myself.

I will not lie. I *loved* these cannoli. I will definately go back for more. My favourite? The Hazelnut Chocolate Cannoli (no contest).

But, was this the cannoli I had at Dario's? Are you my canoli?

The verdict: It was close! The cannoli shell was fresher than the one from Fratelli Bakery and closer to the one at Darios in terms of texture and size. Mind you, I visited both Italia and Fratelli bakeries close to their closing times, so I can't complain.

I actually ate Italia Bakerys' Ricotta Cannoli first, thinking that since there was only one left on display at the store, it was the least fresh - I was wrong! It was the most crisp out of the three that I bought. This was a more traditional cannoli, with mini chocolate chips folded into the smooth ricotta filling.

I could have easily had the three cannoli for dinner last night, but I paced myself. (I saved one for breakfast! haha!)

These were deliciously creamy and the hazelnut chocolate one made me sigh in content. (Yes, that is a bite missing out it in the smaller photos above! I couldn't help myself!)

If you're a cannoli fan, please do visit Italia Bakery for a gorge-worthy treat!

Italia Bakery

2828 East Hastings Street [map]
Vancouver BC
Phone: 604-251-6800
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  1. Great blog! As I was reading it I was thinking she sounds alot like me! I too have been in search of the best cannoli in town, I was disappointed with Fratelli's and then discovered Italia's which I am seriously addicted too!

  2. haha! Thanks for the comment Laura! Great minds think alike. I love that Italia has three choices - the Hazelnut Chocolate just blew my mind, although the Ricotta one got me started. Any suggestions for other bakeries to try out?

  3. Hey Jessica!
    Oh boyy other bakeries! Where do I even begin? It is my mission to find the best of the best in this city!
    Depends what you are looking for but here is what comes to mind:

    Butter Bakery:one of my faves, makes a great rendition of homemade smores, oreos and peanut butter sandwich cookies.
    Ganache Patisserie:Only place I've seen cannele's
    Finch's Tea and Coffee:Makes great chocolate chip cookies and chocolate oatmeal cookies
    Thomas Haas: Cant go wrong with anything!
    Mix bakery: Makes this cake called the chocolate oblivion that is glorious (and they have great breads)
    Swiss Bakery:My absolute favorite bread in town comes from here, top fave being the Walnut Onion Bread
    Savary Island Pie Company:My newest obsession, their pies are great and right now for Easter they have these hot cross buns that are the best I've had yet.
    As for the soup place check out:
    Need any other tips (or eating buddies)let me know!

  4. It's generally not cost effective for me to ship cannoli cream outside of the U.S. though I'm willing to do so. But if you want to make your own cream, we sell some delicious, light cannoli shells!

  5. Mike's Pastry...........have the best ones! in vancouver

  6. Vancouver BC?

    "What chu talkin' bout Willis?"


  7. after reading your review, i went to italia bakery to get my cannoli fix!lol
    if u do go to seattle sometime in the future, maybe u can try 'serious pie' at downtown seattle; it'z a dine-in pizza place, but they have these really amazing cannoli dessert! not sure how it compares to the italia's one yet...but those cannolis are the ones that made me fall in love<3

  8. Toxie, I'll have to take you up on that!
    I foresee a weekend trip to Seattle in my future. :)

  9. Thanks for the info...loved it also!


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