Saturday, April 11, 2009

Foodie Finds: Recession Sales? (Homesense, Lee Valley)

Had a great find this long weekend. Me and the boy found ourselves at the Homesense / Winners store in the Big Bend (Marine Way) area of Burnaby.

Originally, we had gone to Big Bend (Price Smart, actually!) to buy some delectable, luscious Haagen Daz Strawberry Cheese Cake Ice Cream that I had bought on sale ($3.49 / tub!) one time. We haven't been able to find it anywhere else, and thought that we'd be able to find it again...alas, it must have been one of those "mindlessly forgetful" days. We didn't even go into Price Smart...instead, we found ourselves furniture and kitchen shopping at Homesense / Winners.

My score? A fine grater with protective cover, from Mario Batali's line.

I have coveted these graters, usually from the Microplane labels, since forever. I just could not fathom spending anywhere from $17 to $25 for what was a glorified rasp though! So when I saw this for $10, I snatched it up. There were several more items from the Mario Batali line at this location, but I only wanted the fine grater. Perfect for citrus peels, chocolate, hard cheese and even ginger or lemongrass, I *know* it will be a nice little companion in my kitchen!

When I left Winners / Homesense, there was one more of these fine graters available, as well as several of their coarse graters, garlic graters (with holder), and some other items from the Mario Batali line. There was also a Le Crueset cast iron French Oven, at about $125 (?), and a whole range of cute / classy serving and dishware. I'm thinking that the merchandisers at Homesense snatched up a lot of product from Linens N' Things when LNT went out of business - hence the great finds?


5771 Marine Way [map]

Burnaby BC

Phone: 604-433-4685

I should also note that Lee Valley (Marine Drive) carries some zesters / rasps, but without the cushiony handle or a protective cover. In addition to that, serious jam, jelly and chutney makers would probably be glad to know that Lee Valley carries refractometers for calculating optimal sugar content for jelly / jam stability and preservation.

Lee Valley

1180 South East Marine Drive [map]

Vancouver BC

Phone: 604-261-2262

Ahhhh. Kitchen gadgets. :)

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