Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I did a whole lotta eating this weekend Yum-O-Rama readers! In addition to Ebisu on Broadway, I also had Clubhouse for dinner, shwarma at Falafel King, and brunch at Sandbar. Between Sandbar and Clubhouse I also fit in some hours at the beach (where me and M snacked on fruit. You know. Something light). But *before* we went to the beach was a short stop at Come Along Seafood Restaurant on Kingsway.

I was a little late and was surprised (and touched) that family had set up a plate for me!

I am not surrpised that Come Along Seafood Restaurant had negative reviews on Urbanspoon. I found the waitstaff a touch rude - I felt like I was in traffic in Richmond as I got "cut off" and bumped into in my short stay at the restaurant, while I was walking to and from the table! There are so many great dim sum places in GVRD, and Come Along doesn't really measure up. But I suppose that they are inexpensive and in a very accessible location.

Family was nearly done eating when i showed up, but the turnip / daikon cake and the stewed tripe were what I liked best. The "Phoenix Claws" (chicken feet) seemed to be a favourite - as usual, the family picked it off before I could get a good shot of it.

The restaurant does offer something different - their fried rice included some sort of pickled vegetable which added a prominent flavour.

Not much else was really notable about Come Along...I'm sure I'll have a more lengthy entry for when I sit down for a full meal with the fam.

In any case, it was nice to have a couple minutes with the women in my family. My mom still cracks me up sometimes. Family antics, you just gotta love them. :)

Come Along Seafood Restaurant

2550 Kingsway [map]

Vancouver BC

Phone: (604) 439-1318

Come Along Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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