Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zawa (The Drive, Vancouver, BC)

Patios what good summers are stitched with!

Prior to this week of rainy weather, me and M headed out to The Drive on a sun-shiney weekday evening to take in some cocktails and grub. The intense heat of the office and the lack of motivation to cook brought us out to the patios of Commercial Drive...

While the popular spots like Havana, Memphis Blues, Fets, and The Reef were quite full, we went to the end of the Drive for some sunshine and serenity (as well as available free parking! :)

We decided on Zawa since it was close to where we were parked and the menu looked goof-proof: pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and pasta.

To start off, we ordered a bellini and fuzzy navel. The drinks were quite affordable, although we ordered bellinis the rest of the night - the fuzzy naval was extremely plain!

There were two waitresses on staff that night, plus the owner. The patio was quite busy, and the turn around was quick, considering people were lounging, chatting in groups, and enjoying the sun.

We did, however seem to get the one waitress that was completely disinterested in her job. She was unhelpful with suggestions and slightly aloof. One could say that she didn't like her job, or that she lacked the personality for the job. Or, it just wasn't her day.

It took a while to flag her down to take our orders, and it was probably about five to ten minutes after I placed my order that I noticed that she didn't ask me what type of bun I wanted my sandwich on, nor did she ask me what type of side I wanted.

I ordered the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich and I wound up with a chicken sandwich on a wheat Kaiser roll (I wanted ciabatta) with caesar salad (I had wanted fries - possibly yam fries, if they had them). The chicken sandwich was a touch dry, but it had the right toppings - cheddar, bacon and guacamole. The caesar salad was good - you could taste the salty parmesan and anchovy, but the Kaiser roll was not the right fit for the sandwich. When we got our food I was just starving so I just ate.

M ordered the seafood fettucine, which came with shrimp, prawns, and clams in a cream sauce. I could detect some MSG in the sauce but overall, it was quite good for the price - there was a lot of seafood in his dish!

With reasonable value and options like "build your own burger / sandwich", I'm sure I'd eat at Zawa again. However, the service was quite lacking. Hopefully next time I can luck out and get the right waitress!


920 Commercial Drive [map]

Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604-255-0470

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  1. M's pasta looks to be like fettuccine rather penne.

  2. That's right! Noted and corrected. All the food and sun must be getting to me.

    Or...something was in the air on the drive. :)


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