Monday, July 27, 2009

Guilty Pleasures: Milwaukee Market Creamery (Yaletown, Vancouver, BC)

Hot weather = frozen treats!

I've been wanting to try Milwaukee Market Creamery for a while, but different things always came up. Family dinners, friends in town, M doesn't like dessert...

Finally there was an afternoon that was suitably hot and I was jonesing for a sweet treat, and I didn't have to be anywhere in a hurry. And there was the perfect parking spot right in front!

Milwaukee Market Creamery offers a number of frozen custards, as well as cakes, burgers, and bevereages for the savoury-inclined.

The special the day I visited was the Tiramisu, a purple yam & coconut, and chocolate chips & oreo. I ordered the Tiramisu, but perhaps the cler was a little confused? I got something that was chocolate in flavour (nice chocolate flavour!) with some cookie and brownie / crust pieces in it. It was still yummy and delectably creamy, but not what I was expecting. The custard is supposedly lower in calories than ice cream, which is a nice plus since the portion that they give you is quite substantial. I didn't eat dinner until a couple hours later!

The proprietors are Filipino, and perhaps that explains the "purple yam & coconut" special that was also on that day. I'd be interested in trying that out another time!

Milwaukee Market Creamery

1342 Hornby Street [map]

Vancouver BC

Phone: 604-688-2155

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  1. Mmm, talk about some good-looking ice cream, right? ;)

  2. damn their specialty coffee is really good too! try the latte

  3. If you think the regular Frozen Custards served on cones are good or even their Latte. Then you must check-out the always changing flavors they concocted. I had Banana split with Pineapple Custard on a Martini cup, basically a 3 scooper of yummy heavenly goodness Pineapple Custard, guarded with towers of Banana and topped with Guava fruit puree and tons of Almonds and cherry on top and a nice frozen chocolate cookie on the side. A COMPLETE DELICIOUS TROPICAL EXPERIENCE! MAMA MIA! Also try the crazy spicy Ice Cream, real Tamarind with Chili Peppers.. wow! Hot stuff! Are these guys for real?


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