Saturday, July 18, 2009

Victoria Restaurant (Downtown, Vancouver, BC)

Victoria Restaurant is another restaurant our family has been going to for a long period of time. It is in a good location, has free parking (for a certain amount of time) and is wheelchair accessible.

Sherman has already done quite a comprehensive post on Victoria Chinese Restaurant, and I have to agree with a lot of his commentary.

While service is above average and the dining area is large and spacious, Victoria Chinese Restaurant is typically uber-busy for dim sum, but quiet and even more spacious for dinner.

They do a lot of classic Chinese dishes, like a Dong Gua (Winter Melon) soup which is is cooked in the melon itself - steamed! There is also the Peking Duck with your choice of two or three eats - you can choose between soup, crepe wraps, or lettuce wraps.

My familys' trend at Victoria is to order way too much food. On the night that the photos for this post were taken, we actually had to take home the aforementioned winter melon soup amongst other dishes as for some reason, the orders for some dishes were doubled - our fault, not the waiters'. Sheesh. There have also been times where we've had to pack entire dishes home because someone will admittedly *forget* what we've ordered and add on two or three dishes halfway through the meal.

So personally, the thought of Victoria Chinese Restaurant brings up feelings of bloated food-coma and round bellies! :)

Victoria Chinese Restaurant

1088 Melville St [map]

Vancouver BC

Phone: 604-669-8383

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