Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pisces Fish & Chips (Ambleside, West Vancouver, BC)

Another weekend, another sunny lunch. We stopped by Pisces Fish & Chips after garage saleing. M remembered the Polish / Russian lady who (used to) own Pisces Fish & Chips and wanted to revisit the crispy fish & chips, as well as the schnitzel she used to make.

Alas, the restaurant had changed ownership and thus there was no schnitzel. We opted for their combo A, which included two pieces of fish, two prawns, and chips. We also ordered an extra piece of fish (more about this ambiguity later), four oysters, and a lychee slush with pearl drink, as well as a strawberry drink with pearls.

Pisces Fish & Chips is kind of hidden away in a strip of businesses along Marine Drive in West Vancouver. In fact, there is only pedestrian access to their storefront. You may park either in the parking lot of the complex, or your choice of Marine Drive or Clyde Avenue. Since there is this limited access, there is a cozy outdoor seating area in the courtyard in front of Pisces.

Pisces advertises that their fish and seafood is fried in a light batter. This is a welcome change as the traditional beer-battered seafood is greasier and is more filling. They also offer a number of Taiwanese dishes, so it might be worthwhile checking them out a second time.

The seafood was prepared nicely with a light, crisp coating and the oysters were the hands down favourite. They were fresh, a smaller size, as well as juicy and sweet! The tartar sauce at Pisces is nothing special, and the tapioca bubbles in the drinks were overcooked (ie mushy). The lychee slush was refreshing though! I'd order one of these any hot summer day!

Here's my my opinion, the fish that was sold to us was not cod, as advertised. It was probably Alaskan pollock. When we inquired about this, the cashier said it was cod. Whether the fish was sold to him as cod (and thus the restaurant is probably getting hosed), or the restaurant themselves were pawning off one fish as another it felt wrong. We paid about $35 for the entire meal and so I was a little miffed that we didn't get what we ordered. That said though, it did taste good and offered something different in Ambleside.

Random Yum-O-Rama Fact: Both M and I are Pisces, as well as both his parents! Pisces eating pisces at pisces...interesting...

Pisces Fish & Chips (Ambleside)

1425 Marine Drive [map]

West Vancouver BC

Phone: 604-926-8664

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  1. Fish and chips week? Sherman wrote a post on Pajo's and you on Pisces Fish and Chips. Does that mean I must post something as well? XD

  2. That's right Kim! I think you're on to something. We should do a foodie "theme of the week", like "try a new rice roll / souvlaki / lamb dish". What do you think? :)

  3. Actually, I did go to a fish and chips place in Kingsway, "near" Joyce.... ^_^;;;

    Theme of the week? Sounds like a plan!

  4. Oooo... Theme week! How about Animal Innards Week?!?!? Or Tongue Week!

    Anyways, the fish seems very lightly coated. Definitely a good value because you get more fish than batter.

  5. :) I can do an innards week.

    In all honesty, I think I'd try halibut or salmon next time at Pisces. Their pollock / cod substitution irks me. Crispy light batter is a nice change though!

  6. FYI alaskan pollock is in the cod family


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