Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wine Event: Salud Chile at O'Doul's on Robson (Vancouver, BC)

Had a great time this weekend - short, but definately sweet.

Met up with some friends for some food and wine at the Playhouse Wine Festival event, Salud Chile which was held at O'doul's Restaurant on Robson. Since we attended last year, our expectations were pretty high.

While there wasn't as much food as last year, there was definately more people at the event. We spoke to someone else at the event, and she thought that Playhouse had over booked / oversold. While the website listed the event as sold out, perhaps it was just economic cuts that led to the "overbooking".

Ah well. I had a great time. I did think it was a little crowded, but I did try some great wines and chowed down on yummy food - the ceviche was my favourite! Although the tamales / huanitos (?) were surprisingly delicious as well. Previously I had labelled tamales as small, hot, bland bundles of paste, but I think O'doul's has made a tamale lover out of me!

I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

The reds dominated over the whites this year. Undurraga had a rich Pinot Noir that both Ms loved, and Carmen had a nice Syrah that I'd like to share with my dad - if I can get my hands on some!

The food was great as usual. The tamales (station manned by Executive Chef Chris Whittaker), ceviche, and skewers of tofu and steak were prepared live - I noticed that the chefs running the stations had all worked the year before; a good indication that the restaurant is doing things right!

The ceviche was a mixture of shrimp, scallops, red onions, lime juice, cucumbers, olive oil, and bell peppers, served atop a baguette crostini - so simple, but so good! I think I had about three or four.

Other hors d'oevres were on trays that made their way through the restaurant, including kushi (I think) oysters, canapes topped with guacamole and tomato, and a quail egg, tuna tataki, and artichoke topped crostini. I didn't even make it to the grilled veggie, cheese and cracker trays - and barely touched the smoked and candied salmon platter.

Food was great - the event was just overbooked though! We might make it to try another event next year.

O'doul's Restaurant & Bar

1300 Robson Street @ Jervis [map]

Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604-661-1400

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  1. This wine tasting sounds like so much fun! I can't wait till summer when we have wine festivals in Virginia!

  2. It was! I would go back, except that the Playhouse Wine Festival has so much to offer, and we've already gone two years in a row to this particular event.

    In the summertime, we usually make a roadtrip to the BC Okanagan to do some wine tasting.


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