Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Review: Posh Hot Pot (Burnaby, BC, Canada)

Posh Hot Pot claims to be the first exclusive Japanese Sukiyaki Hot Pot restaurant in North America. Admittedly, this weekend was the first time I have had sukiyaki, so what do I know!

With locations in Richmond, Burnaby and on Broadway in Vancouver, Posh Hot Pot offers up beef, pork, and an assortment of vegetables, tofus, and meat alternatives with Japanese flair.

Posh is an AYCE restaurant, and although they fall in to this category, the quality of their food would never let that on!

As the waitress patiently explained to us, sukiyaki is cooked in this shallow pot. In the beginning, it is barely filled with sukiyaki sauce / stock and instead, has a generous serving of sliced cabbage spread out the pot. Since cabbage is about 80% water in content, when the cabbage is cooked, it lets out the water, and slightly waters down the concentrated sauce. There was also an egg per person on the side that is beat up in a dish. As thin slices of meat were cooked, they were drawn through the egg to render the meat more tender and moist. Yum!

We were each given a "ballot" to order foods from. What I like about Posh Hot Pot (in addition to their beautiful, clean decor, their friendly, patient, and informative staff, and their quality food) was their wasted food policy. While other AYCE restaurants just take your money for wasted food, Posh Hot Pot charges $3 per portion of wasted meat and donates it to the Food Bank. I think that's a worthy cause, don't you?

I like the young vibrant vibe that Post sets with its quiet ambience and business model. I liked the quality of the meats, the mushrooms, variety of vegetables, and the variety of tofu and konjac that they provided as well. M was satisfied with his meal and we left with contented tummies. On this snowy weekend, Posh Hot Pot really hit the spot.

We'll definately return for another meal.

Posh Hot Pot (Burnaby Location)

#105 - 6562 Kingsway [map]

Burnaby BC

604-434-POSH (7674)

Posh (Burnaby) on Urbanspoon


  1. I like that idea of charging money for over-orders and donating it! :D I think it would make people stop and think about wasting food.

  2. Sounds like a great restaurant!

  3. Posh in Richmond is WAY better than Posh in Bby.
    The meat was better quality it just seemed like the quality of everything else was better too. But the ambiance is def better in Bby because the place in Richmond is very crowded and small.



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