Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Review: Seri Malaysia (Hastings-Sunrise, Vancouver, BC)

Yes, I know this is a little late.

We had Seri Malaysia in the summer time, but that was simply take out - we enjoyed showing MB our "new" apartment and exposing him to some new experiences (the boy is super-sheltered and had *never* been inside a Chinese grocer. Wtf?! And he’s lived in the Greater Vancouver area for most of his life!)

So our first impression of Seri Malaysia (in the summer) was a definate hit; however, every weekend when we were in the area to grocery shop, we were dismayed to find that the restaurant was closed for the afternoon, or not open until the next day / later in the evening!

Seri Malaysia, a Malaysian restaurant in the Hastings Sunrise area of Vancouver, BC, Canada, makes a mean Beef Mee Goreng!

This weekend, we had the pleasure of actually eating in the restaurant. The decor is nothing too special, although there are some photographs and posters of Malaysia and some conical woven hats adorning the walls.

It appeared to be a two person show. There were two larger parties and two smaller ones finishing up their meals when we entered the establishment; they seemed to have enjoyed their meals and had food leftover to take home. Service to some could be a little faster, but we enjoyed how it was laid back, Malaysian style.

We ordered Beef Mee Goreng, and Quey Toew Rendang with Seafood, as well as the Beef Rendang for take out. We requested that the dishes be made to medium spiciness.

Both dishes were delicious, generous in portion, and each were garnished liberally with a shower of fried onions / shallots. These were tasty, and added to the complexity of each dish. Both M and I remarked that the portions were almost two to three times the size you get at other "Malaysian" restaurants in the Vancouver area, but at the same price!

Seri Malaysia, a Malaysian restaurant in the Hastings Sunrise area of Vancouver, BC, Canada, makes a delicious Char Quay Teow

We really appreciated the great flavour and the larger portions. Like I told M, "the bad part about Malaysian food, if there is a bad one, is that you can't stop eating it!" It was just so good!

Our bill came to less than $30 for three dishes (we had take out), and we tipped more than our usual amount - we want to come back to enjoy more meals!

We do plan on making Seri Malaysia part of our regular restaurant circuit, and we have recommended the restaurant to others.

Seri Malaysia

2327 East Hastings Street

Vancouver BC

Tel: 604-677-7555

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  1. This good looks so good, I don't think there's a Malaysian restaurant near me.


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