Friday, February 6, 2009

Review: La Casita in Gastown (Vancouver BC)

La Casita is a family run Mexican Restaurant meets sports bar meets "place to hang out on the weekends with the guys". The portions were substantial and being that we weren't quite satisfied with our dineout meal, we wandered into La Casita and were warmly greeted by the manager and waitstaff.

We were, admittedly, half-full, but it was the weekend and after flipping through their large menu, we decided to split combo #4, and two drinks that the waiter recommended, the Casita Sunrise. It was like a tequila sunrise, but with pineapple and orange juice, and (if I heard it correctly, 2 oz of tequila). Personally, I don't think it was two ounces of tequila, but it could have been the food that made me full, and not boozy.

Combo four came with two chorizo and mushroom quesadillas, a salad, and six hot wings. M really liked the quesadillas. He said that the flavour of the mushroom and chorizo really came through. I would like to note, and I appreciate that he tortillas were home-made. Home made tastes better!

I was actually getting a little full, and liked that the salad wasn't a plain green salad. It was a marinated slaw of sorts, and I love that they had fresh avocado garnishing the plate. The chicken wings were average, although I liked that there was extra hot sauce on the table for you to add as you pleased! Another bonus was that the food, although filling and rich, was not greasy. Finally, a Mexican restaurant that is not all about greasy fingers and shiny lips!

Service was great, considering that we had just come from a higher end restaurant with no service but almost triple the price tag!

We were really too full at this point but we finished the entire combo nonetheless. For under $30 and full bellies, we would love to visit La Casita again, perhaps to watch UFC? I was told that there was a larger group area downstairs, with karaoke and televisions!!

La Casita

101 Cordova Street [map]

Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604-646-2444

...I forgot to note that the bill came with a unique touch: the double bubble gums! haha! To freshen the breath, and for an after-dinner comic. :)


  1. Everything looks delicious, I just love mexican food!

  2. I love La Casita! Not only is the service great and the food delicious, they have tons of vegetarian options. We recently added a La Casita review on our site:

    And yes, we love the bubble gum, too!


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