Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bento of the Day: Meatballs & Chocolate Bread Pudding

I arrived home last night to find that M had made meatballs! Not just any meatballs, but giagantuan (sp?) meatballs the size of a small orange! ...ok, not quite that big but when I saw the huge suckers I was like, "whoa!"

They were so big and so many in number that I could only have two at dinner, and we packed some for lunch today.

Above we have a ramekin of chocolate bread pudding that I prepared on my honourary day off (bossman was supernice and gave me a day off for working a couple hours on the weekend - sweet!). We also have one and a half meatballs topped with a mushroom and corn gravy, on a bed of steamed rice. I also added some cucumber and avocado for a healthy veggie side.

Recipe for the bread pudding later!


  1. That sounds like a great lunch! I love bread pudding.

  2. Chocolate bread pudding? can't wait to see the recipe!


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