Sunday, January 25, 2009

Review: Gingeri Chinese Cuisine (Richmond BC)

Gong Hei Faat Choy! Sum Seung See Sing!
Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! May your dreams materialize!

I had a fantastic weekend, lots of eating, lots of laughing, lots of full bellies. Does my family ever *not* do something in excess??

The "year end dinner", or tuen leen fan in Cantonese was held at Gingeri Chinese Cuisine in Richmond this year. We've been going to Gingeri for a number of years now, and the staff know us by face. I wrote a dim sum review for them here.

We had the whole Chinese New Year shebang this weekend. No, I did not take photos of every single platter that came out. For one, if you know my family, food does not go untouched for long. Two, everyone was extra hungry (me and TM hadn't eaten since breakfast at 11am! Plus, everyone had been kind of bracing for an early dinner, so had suitably earlier lunches), and that just adds to the carnivoric beasts within. Three, it is HARD to take photos of food that is literally flying by on the lazy susan as my family pigs out. If you're not careful, you might get a chopstick in the eye or a fork in the hand.

You know that saying, "nothing should come between family except for a plate and a dining table"? Well, we take it kind of literally!

I did manage to take a photo of the above and below. Above we have the crispy-sour-sweet fried prawns. They were SO GOOD and SO SUCCULENT. With the slightly tangy and sweet sauce gently caressing each battered and fried prawn, it was delicious. The prawns are eaten at New Years because its character in Chinese, "ha" sounds like laughter. Thus, you eat it for happiness. ....and, perhaps, you might share the last one, or give the last one to your brother after he wins it over in a "best of three" challenge of rock paper scissors...

Below, we have the platter of general "lucky stuff". (Sorry for the horrible translations here...I am doing the best I can. wink wink.) Chinese generally eat the following because it brings prosperity ("faat choy"), which is the black thread-like fungus below. The dish also has dried oysters, ho see, which sounds like "good times". There was also lettuce, choy which relates back to prosperity, and roasted stewed garlic cloves, which translates to fertility. So, if you have everything on the plate, you'll have prosperity, fertility, good times, and general longevity.

Lastly, we have the orange roughy fillets above. Unfortunately, that was the best three photos of food that I could manage to take. If you look at the last photo, you can see that probably half the dish was missing before I could even snap a shot! Well, there are some people born in the year of the pig in my family...

Time after time, Gingeri delivers great food and good service. Perhaps it is because we patronize the establishment so well, that they treat us better, but there is no disputing good food, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Edit: Upon further review, now I notice that ALL of the photos are of partially empty plates! This is NOT the way it was brought to us, it's just that 1) my family likes to eat fast, and 2) I am a slow photographer.

Gingeri Chinese Cuisine

#323 5300 No. 3 Road [map]

Richmond BC

Phone: 604-278-6006
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