Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am lucky lucky lucky!

I got home late last night, after meandering through the thick fog that has been covering Vancouver for the past while. At times, it was so thick in certain areas that I could not see the lane lines!

I've always said that Canada should have "cats eyes" - the yellow reflector lights along lane lines. Our neighbours to the south have them, and they are helpful on dim nights or rainy days where you need a little extra help staying in your lane!

But no. Vancouver doesn't have them. Probably has something to do with snow ploughs digging up taxpayer money.

The boy made an assortment of goodies for dinner last night, some old (I'd been craving steamed eggs!) and some new (I told him stories of how I *hated* Chinese meat "cake" when I was little - it just tasted like old people food. But I didnt' mind his :).

He also made mapo tofu, which means pimply-old lady tofu. I'll be adding some sauteed mushrooms, bell peppers and eggplant to that for tonights' dinner. Can hardly wait.

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