Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FYI: Starbucks Freebie

I forgot to note that today and tomorrow, Starbucks is having a special promotion for those with registered Starbucks Cards - when you use your Starbucks card today, January 27 or tomorrow, the 28th, you can get a free portion of their oatmeal!

I just tried their plain oatmeal this morning when I ordered a small hazelnut latte to go - I swear I have the most common face or just blend in with all "Asian" looking women. The girl at the cash register, even though I've seen her probably two to three times a week since she's started, couldn't recognize me. I live upstairs!!!

...She has no problem remembering M though, she even gave him free coffee one time and said "don't worry about it! I know you come here all the time!"

Hello! M is usually with me, what's up with that?!?

Anyways, the oatmeal was good, although plain. I might try their Fruit medley flavour, or Nut medley flavour tomorrow. Today I just poured some of my latte into the nifty little "incubator bowl" that the oatmeal was served in, and enjoyed it on my way to work. Definately better than the instant packets I have at home, and creamier too.

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