Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sushi Boy (Broadway, Vancouver, BC)

Sushi Boy! We've been in search of cheap good eats as of late. It's summer, and we'd rather be spending time outside than inside cooking. After some shopping downtown and along South Granville, we couldn't decide what to do. As we neared Cambie at Broadway, I remembered Sushi Boy, a small "bus stop" sushi joint that has been in operation since the beginning of time.

I remember it in the early days of when my parents (and myself) went to Dr Leung a couple doors down. As I'm writing this entry though, I wonder if Dr Leung is still there? Obviously Dr. Leung as in Dr. Leung...junior, as senior Dr. (Jack) Leung is retired.

As an aside, all the "lo wa kews" in Vancouver would remember Dr. Leung. That man / family must have a lot of connections with the older folk, as he was, in the 80s and early 90s one of the "premier" Chinese doctors in Vancouver. But, as time went on and Vancouver evolved, more immigrants resulted in more doctors as well. Seriously though! I knew people with elderly parents that lived in Coquitlam and *still* went to Vancouver to be seen by Dr. Leung.

Ahem. Yes - Sushi Boy has been there for a long time. And cheap eats they are!

We would have gone to Menya for ramen, or even Kanpachi, but we just wanted to get some food in the bellies before we went home - and Sushiboy was just the place!

We both opted for the same thing - the $4.95 special that is advertised in the window. For the mere price of a flavoured Starbucks latte, you get three pieces each of California and tekka (cucumber) roll, some noodles, gomaae (Spinach) salad, a green salad with fresh seasonal veggies, a small amount of noodle, a tempura prawn, a oshi (pressed) sushi, and your choice of beef or chicken teriyaki. We each also added on a smoked salmon pocket.

The surprise was in the amount of food you got. While we were expecting a small snack, M actually got a little full, and I *really* shouldn't have finished my meal. That piece of oshi sushi really made me full - I felt like I was the stay-puffed mochi man, although to be totally accurate, I was the "stay-stuffed rice lady" (doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? :).

Remember the "Westcoast Pocket Trio" at the Cactus Club? Those babies (and I mean babies!) worked out to $4 (each!), plus tip. The smoked salmon pockets at Sushiboy were only $2.50, and were larger than the ones at Cactus. Works for me!

Now, Sushiboy is lacking in boobie-scenary (it is just Sushiboy himself plus a cashier), and immensely lacking in ambience (read: hole-in-the-wall sushi joint), and the food can also be lacking for some, but at these discount prices, I am certainly not complaining!


409 West Broadway [map]

Vancouver BC

Phone: 604-879-5236

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  1. I saw a ridiculous lineup/gathering outside there tonight. Must be that sub-five dollar special!

  2. Shokutsu - there were a couple regulars waiting for their takeout while we were there. After 10+ years, I'm sure Sushiboy has a following, and the five dollar special keeps the noobs coming! :)

  3. I take it your parents are "lo wah kiu?"
    I recall our family doctor, located in Chinatown, was very busy, but in the 70's doctors still made house calls! I just didn't like having to wait the huge lineups at his office 'cause they never took appointments! These docs back then related well to local Chinese by referencing terms like "yeet hay" and all those other Chinese terms that white folk just don't comprehend.

  4. I've been here a few times and I wasn't very happy after I was done eating. I don't recommend getting their sushi if they are busy because it's sloppy. However, I guess the very cheap prices make up for that. For some reason, I've never noticed the $5 special? I guess I was too rushed - I will have to try it soon, because it looks like it is worth it :)

  5. @cakebrain - well, parents aren't exactly "lo wah kiu", but as I remember, Dr. Leung was definitely a nice comprimise between a Chinese doctor (who was aware of "yeet hay" yet who was Western trained and spoke Cantonese.

    @Lucy The $5 special was all we initially went in for - no, the food is not stellar but at $5 a pop ($10 for two people? Where are you going to find that?! :), there are no complaints here.


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