Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thai Cafe Restaurant (Hastings, Burnaby, BC)

We're always on the hunt for a great Thai restaurant!

In the week of *hot* weather in Vancouver, we just didn't feel like cooking - initially we'd gone to Thai Cafe just to grab a quick snack, but wound up having our whole meal there!

We started off with stuffed chicken wings. We *love* the ones at Salathai on Cambie, but unfortunately, the pair at Thai Cafe were no comparison. They'd stuffed them with chicken meat and vermicelli, and the similarities in density essentially cancelled out the work of deboning and stuffing the wings! We would have preferred a lighter, more flavourful stuffing, as well as a crispier coating. They *were* less expensive than Salathai though!

Next up was the Pad Thai. This was a favourite! The Pad Thai was not tomato based like other places - instead they had a tamarind and Thai "ketchup" base which was light, more flavourful, and pleasing to the stomach. I "reserved" some for my lunch the next day. :)

M also ordered a fried rice with basil leaves (Khao Pad Kee Mao). This was *also* our favourite! lol - the spices in the rice were accentuated by the fresh basil. I also reserved some of the rice for my lunch the next day.

I didn't recognize the restaurant when I went in, but I'd dined there previously with a group of health inspectors when I was training (they have some great lunch specials!). The funny / embarassing thing was that half way through my meal with the health inspectors, a freakin' fruit fly did a suicide launch into my meal! You could see that it instantly divided the table of officials - some thought I should get the dish remade, others just shrugged and sat back to see what I (the newbie trainee) would do. Since I'd already consumed more than half the meal, I just isolated the part of the dish that the fly decided to engrave himself, and ate the rest of the plate. No harm, no foul.

As for Thai Cafe itself, I'd very glad to have "rediscovered" it again! It's close to home and I can see myself ordering takeout for a busy weekday meal. I want to try some of their other dishes, including a fried rice with cashews, raisins, peppers, and other vegetables, or their deep fried prawns or rice noodle dishes.

Thai Cafe

4160 Hastings Street [map]

Burnaby BC

Phone: 604-299-4525

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  1. Eat the fly. 100% proteins, right? :D

    Have you considered Lhy Thai in the Edmonds area? From what I read so far, it seems quite good. Willing to give it a try if it wasn't because it is out my way.

  2. lol - it was awkward and nerve-racking for a couple seconds. Although in retrospect, I should have smacked my lips and chowed down. haha!

    I've heard good things about Lhy Thai but couldn't find it - that was the week I went to Balkan House instead. My friend was raving about it...she used to live in the area but she isn't usually so "food adventurous" (sorry E!), so I only half-heartedly searched for it.


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