Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Food Bloggers Dinner: Brave Bull's House of Steaks (Hastings, Vancouver, BC)

It's been a while since the last Food Bloggers Dinner - last time it was the end of June and Alvin Garden in Burnaby. This time, only a handful of us made it, and we met up at Brave Bull's House of Steaks

I hadn't been home all day, and didn't check my email, so I was very glad that Jenny from My Secret Eden (and her boyfriend K), Frank from Foodie Adventures in Vancouver, and Kim from I'm Only Here For the Food! showed up - apparently I'd missed the round of emails suggesting a cancel for the nights' dinner. With my recent luck, however, I'd very glad that Kim, Frank, Jenny and her boyfriend showed up (and my M showed up too - yay!). I've been having a string of no shows and have been stood up on more than one occasion as of late, so really guys - thanks for showing up!

Everyone has seen or heard of Brave Bull's House of Steaks at one point or another. I remember driving by and noting the $8.95 Prime Rib and Sirloin Steak specials, but thinking nothing of it.

However, after our dinner this weekend, I would have to say that the best special of Brave Bull's House of Steaks would have to be Linda Lum herself.

She was exceptionally sweet and kind and took the time to chat and joke around with us, when she had some time. She explained that after she had received Kims' large reservation, that she'd called in her grandson to help out. I felt a little bad after she said that, but then she said that even though our reservation shrunk a little, there were extra patrons on the other side of the restaurant, and thus the kitchen was backed up.

M started off with some pan fried oysters. Originally, he'd wanted to order the "Captains Plate" which consisted of pan fried oysters, deep fried prawns, scallops, and sole for only $8.95, but Linda let us know that since the kitchen was so busy, they'd run out of the Captain's Plate. While there was no Captain's Plate, and there was a delay in the kitchen, the cook had added on a couple oysters to our dish - six oysters for the party of six at our table!

Every entree that is ordered at Brave Bull's comes with soup, your choice of potato, vegetables, and garlic bread, and the prices range from $8.95 to $14.95!

It was no surprise that most of our table (made up of guys) ordered the "13 - 14 oz T-Bone Steak"...although it was later found that M had rarity - an "I-Bone" steak! ;p At about a dollar an ounce, everyone agreed that the T-Bone steak was good value.

Jenny ordered the sirloin, and I ordered the veal cutlet (Both $8.95). Jenny's boyfriend ordered the pork chops (another $8.95 plate!), which I would like to try on a revisit to Brave Bulls:

After the dinner rush had died down a little, Linda came by and chatted with us for a bit, and true to all the reviews stating that dining at Brave Bulls is like being welcomed into your grandmothers' home, we witnessed some real "grandmom-ism". I had anticipated that our plates would be inspected prior to removal, and had luckily finished about 98% of the contents on my plate. Others were not so lucky, however - Linda made a comment about how someone hadn't finished their meal...while my inner child snickered and I swallowed my last bite of food. haha! I guess I regressed into a five-year-old at that point!

Brave Bulls had opened in 1985, and the cook used to work at Angus Steak house. In 1991, they made the decision to freeze the prices - hence the $8.95 Prime Rib and Sirloin Steak specials. She also dug out a scrapbook of postings from Tinybites and Raul's blogs. We let her know that she'd have more to add to her collection once we were done. :)

I really felt welcomed by Linda - she reminded me of grandmothers and kindly neighbours and family friends from my childhood. When I left, I actually kind of felt guilty that I hadn't given her a hug! (And this is from a kid who *abhorred* the habitual hug and kiss from family friends!)

For the record, I would return to Brave Bull's - not necessarily for the food (although I'd like to see if Brave Bull's makes better or comparable spaghetti than my own grandmom! haha! - sorry pou pou!) but for the hospitality!

Other attendees' takes:
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Brave Bull's House of Steaks

1298 East Hastings Street [map]

Vancouver BC

Phone: 604-253-4728

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  1. I was there two months ago with my son for lunch. I gave my son the cracker for my soup, Linda noticed and brought me another one for me. It was nice of her.


  2. that little old lady is adorable.

  3. The restaurant is closed right now and there is a "for sale" sign in the window. Does anyone know what is happening? I would hate to think our favourite steak house is gone for good!


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