Saturday, April 17, 2010

New West Winter Farmers Market (Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, BC)

Did a workout this morning, then went out to the final Royal City Winter Farmers Market held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Hall in New Westminster. At only fifteen minutes after opening the vendors (one which had barely set up!) were already busy helping customers, answering questions, and selling their goods.

Here's what I picked up:

I always circle the farmers market once, just to get a scope of what everyone is offering, then I make a second round to purchase things. Since I had gone for a workout in the morning, I hadn't had breakfast, so when Maluma Bison offered me a sampling of their bison salami and their bison bbq sausage, I made note to remember to buy a pair of sausage. He also offered a cranberry sausage and what appeared to be a pepperoni. What is special about his product? He uses a seed meal (sunflower, pumpkin seed) as well as a blend of essential oils instead of animal fat in his recipe. This results in a product that is lower in saturated fat, cholesterol, and free of fillers.

Since spring is here, I also picked up some asparagus for a pizza that I hope to post about later today. :) The vendor (can't remember which farm!) also offered kambucha and spaghetti squashes, a variety of garlic, nettle greens, and a spring mix.

What started the "shopping spree" was actually the offering of a sharp aged cheddar from one of the vendors. To say it was "good" would be an understatement. But you have to understand that in my self-imposed (on again, off again) meat ban, the one thing that I really missed was cheese. Top that off with no breakfast this morning, and I caved. The cheese is mine! :)

I also bought some peppers from the "pepper barn" / "pepper boys" outside. I've bought from them before - you grab a bag, fill it up, and enjoy snacking on baby bell peppers for the entire week. I <3 bell peppers, so I stocked up. Plus, some will go on the pizza today...

What really brought me to the Royal City Winter Farmers Market? The promise of gardening goods. I procrastinated (what else is new) on the gardening this year and didn't start anything from seed. Although the chives, lemon balm, and (surprise!) broccoli came back this year, the oregano, parsley, and thyme died off. So I purchased two small containers of mizuna, and one of cilantro. We use cilantro a lot. But even though we do, it never lasts for us - we'll buy a bunch and get about 75% of the way through it before we have to toss it. Hopefully the cilantro stays healthy so we can enjoy it in everything!

Have a great weekend folks! It is rainy, cold and wet out there but the weekend holds much promise! :)

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