Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fu Lin Hot Pot Restaurant (Coquitlam, BC)

This is another post that has been on the backburner for a while. In fact, this is from Chinese New Year - I remember going with Fmace and Fizzo. Why did it stick out in my mind? It fell on Valentines Day, the opening day of the Olympics, as well as Chinese New Year. Being that those three events coincided, all of us had all "reserved" the night for family dinner. Unfortunately, the Chinese New Year dinner didn't happen as the elders didn't want to brave the crowds and head out during the Olympics (later in the week, they rescinded this - you don't want to miss that post). As this visit was completed before I got my new camera, I apologize for the sub-par photos!

Ordering at Fu Lin is easy - it is all you can eat and you pick your menu (regular or deluxe, both under $20). We opted for the deluxe, as there was more variety, as well as a free dipping sauce for each of us.

We wound up ordering 2 satay sauces, 3 garlic soy sauces, and 2 sesame sauces - different sauces for different foods. That being said, I wished we had ordered another sesame sauce instead of the garlic soy.

There was a good selection of fresh meats, vegetables, seafoods and meat alternatives (bean products). The service was prompt and friendly, and I was surprised at the number of waitresses there were that night (four, for a small Chinese restaurant!). The only complaint (if any) would be that there seemed to be a small problem in the kitchen. As a result, we had to wait a little longer than expected for our food to arrive. I remember sitting there staring at Fmace and saying, "what gives, it's not like they have to cook it or anything!"

Overall, I would return to Fu Lin Hot Pot if I were in the area. The meat and seafood are fresh, and the variety trumps other hot pot restaurants. For under $20 you can enjoy yourself with some good times with friends and family.

Thank you to Fmace for organizing the last minute dinner and also being there on time (even when we weren't!).

Fu Lin Hot Pot Restaurant
#780 - 3025 Lougheed Highway
Coquitlam BC
P: 604-552-5851

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  1. It also fell on the same day we found our condo!!! :) It was a busy busy day!


  2. I know! Are you happy I documented it here? ;p

  3. This is on my to eat list as well. Heard it's good value for the money esp in Coquitlam. In fact, most HP places charge over $20 in the GVRD anyways, so this is actually cheap.

  4. Sherman, well it has two things going for you and your family: 1) udon and 2) kids under 4 are free! :D sorry couldn't resist.
    But yes, good value for what you get. A lot of places do not have the variety they have - oyster (albeit 1/pp, but you'll get 3! ;p) mussel, zucchini, pumpkin, bean puffs, chicken wings, omasum, tripe etc. Don't usually have them *all* on a AYCE HP meal.

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