Friday, April 27, 2007

My Hunnee is Funnee.....

Went to Guu again last night, this time the one in Gastown.

This one is *very* different from the Robson and Thurlow locations, being that it is a larger, more comfortable space, with contempory seating arrangements, larger bar area and dark wood and brickwork throughout the restaurant. What's more, is that there are two levels to the restaurant, and large windows that apparently open up in the summer months. (I can already tell that I'll be back many a time in the summer.)

What remains the same is the loud, rambuctous energy that the staff and restaurant has - the place should be endorsed by a cough syrup / throat lozenge company, as all staff yell out and confirm orders, and bill requests.

It was a good deal ($20 + tax & tip) with excellent eats. Perhaps it was because we had a group "tasting menu" that the food was a little more mainstream, but it was delicious nonetheless:

  • Cold Spinach Salad with Black Sesame Dressing
  • Cold Tofu Salad with Chicken, Bean sprouts, julienned cucumber
  • Sashimi (Yellowtail, Whole Prawn, and Salmon) & Mesclun Salad
  • BBQ Kalbi
  • Warm Spinach Salad w/ Mushrooms, Garnished with Garlic Chips
  • Grilled Garlic Pork Skewers
  • BBQ Short Ribs
  • Ebi Mayo
  • Halibut Cheek Karaage (oh my god this was so good - my family would lurve this.)
  • Deep Fried Brie with Mango Coulis & ripe Kiwifruit
  • Beef Tataki
  • Okonomi-Yaki
  • Kimchi & Spinach fried rice in an earthenware bowl - this was mixed at the table and the hot bowl made the bottom layer of rice crisp. Soooo good.

Dude, I am so going to Kitanoya Guu for my birthday or to celebrate after I do my Half Marathon. And I'm pulling people along with me, so that we can have the same huge meal. haha!!!

Guu with Otokomae

375 Water Street [map]

Vancouver BC

Phone: 604-685-8682

Guu With Otokomae on Urbanspoon

The boyfriend is funny. Remember all those yummy delicious samples we got from the tradeshow last week? I called TM from the skytrain, and also when I got back home. Here's an excerpt (Me. TM.)

Me.I'm home! That was a friggin' good meal! And for $26!

Well. At least you had a good meal!

Why? What did you have for dinner?

I haven't had dinner yet. Oh. You know those crackers we got from that show last week?

What! You ate them without me?!?

I left you like, six. Anyways, they're kind of bland.

(there's a hesitated choke. Then I burst out laughing.)


hahaha. You suck hunnee!!! It's like, you were eating them and realized you had only ten left. And then you thought that you'd save them for me. But you couldn't help yourself and ate four more.

(snickers, reluctant sigh) basically.

Yeah, you were like, "oh crap, there's so few left - pulls one out of your mouth, wipes it dry. Gotta save this."

hehehe...Yeah. 'hey Summer (his cat) give that back!'

You suck hunnee!!

How well do you have to know someone before you can understand all that happening?

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