Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mmmmmm. Fluffy.

I work in a consulting business for a woman who has worked in the food business for the past two? Three? Decades.

Anyways. We have a new project that I've been working on, and it is so not Westcoast. Usually the products we get are healthy, energizing, organic / Kosher / gmo-free products.

This project?Is all about NOT-healthy. Not organic. Not sugar free.

Just recently (about 5 minutes ago), I was introduced to marshmallow creme.

OMFGDC (figure that one out) this shit is good! and FLUFFY! If angel wings and fluffy sunny summer clouds could be embodied in a food, it would be branded Marshmallow Creme.

I have been living a sheltered life without Marshmallow Creme - I have always passed it by in the supermarket, imagining it to be a marshmallow, liquified...but now, I want to take it around the world and enjoy it in crepes, in fluffy pb sandwiches, with nutella and all things sinfully sugary and sweet


yes. It is the sugar talking, not me.

I've been listening to The Secret on CD. I love the messages they provide. Think positive! Be positive! Manifest your positive feelings and do great things! Attract the things you want by only knowing positive!

Ok. Not so sure if it's the sugar talking anymore. Stay tuned

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