Monday, April 30, 2012

Brand New Bag

2012, new year, a ring on the finger (the date is September 29th) and lots of new things - new commute (skytrain), new outlook, and a new challenge, as far as eating goes.

On May 1st (tomorrow), I am embarking on a 21 day vegan challenge with some co workers. We will be consuming no dairy, no eggs, no meat, and nothing derived from animals (this includes stock, sauces, and condiments!). The challenge with me will be the last one. I <3 Malaysian and Thai food which includes some form of belechan (shrimp paste) and / or fish sauce as an ingredient.

Why vegan? I work for a conscious, compassionate company, and I have been eating a "light meat" diet since before I began working here (as you may see in a lot of the last posts). I agree with a lot of the values of the company, and also strive to achieve the personal and professional goal of echoing these same values. After all, in promoting the lifestyle / values of the consumer you only go to promote the brand...

But! The main part is also that I am interested in lowering my carbon footprint. By having just one meat-free meal a week (meatless Mondays), is the same as taking 9 million cars off American roads! (Environmental Defense Fund)

 More on this new venture soon. Take care!



  1. I really like your blog, awesome.

  2. Congratulations on the ring on your finger!! I know you must be busy with wedding plans! My daughter is getting married on Sept. 1st. It's a wonderful year :)!

  3. Hey Jessica I can't reply to your comment about the Vegan Aebleskivers since I don't own the rights to my old site any more :) I appreciate your comment so much! I'm actually the author of BOTH aebleskiver recipes... I used to blog at Good Clean Food (Somer) with a couple of my best girlfriends, now I'm solo at Vedged Out (still as me.... Somer) :) Thanks for looking out for me. Plagiarism sucks!


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