Friday, July 22, 2011

Rant: Vegetarian Pizza, and work.

Here is a rant.

I apologize for the drunkeness and any mishap that may occur, but here is a real treat: a veggie pizza made with sauteed mushrooms (oregano, basil, salt, fresh ground black pepper, a dash of seasoned salt and a dash of white wine - Cono sur from Chile).

Kids, here is a fantastic healthy pizza - meatless so you can save the planet and your waistline. Perfect pairing with a Cono sur Gew├╝rztraminer.

Prep your thin crust dough - stretch it thin and try to copy one of those youtube videos that teach you how to stretch and roll out your dough. Use your fists, twirl it around. End up with an almost see-through dough on parchment.

Smear on some prepared pesto. Slice some vine-ripened tomatoes and distribute them evenly onto the crust. Not too many - you don't want your dough to be soggy. Slice some olives. Grate some Greek cheese - the kind they use for sfinaki. A salty, ever-fresh (ours was, admittedly, a couple weeks / months old. ;p it was a Klefitaki [sp?] genre made from non-cow milk) Greek cheese. Chop some local kale and hot house peppers. Scatter all your toppings on your crust. Dot some goat cheese on top. Scatter your cooled prepared mushrooms around a bit. Grind some black pepper on top. Bake at 475F for 10 minutes, then turn it up to 500F. Glug some white wine and return to a delectable pizza with excellently salty toppings and crispy kale.

This is GOOD. Drink some wine, munch on some pizza, return again. Even the carnivore bf enjoyed it. (He had some scotch and shared some wine.)

Enjoy boys and girls. And to a certain co worker, if you are reading this (even though I promised bf that I would not drunk text or drunk email, I am very sorry that you had to endure what you did today. You should not have to be submitted to what was dealt to you today. It was offensive and I should have spoken up. I am sorry I did not.


  1. To paraphrase what somebody said once, I would stop eating meat if animals stopped being so delicious!

    Welco... Ah, you know the drill! :P

  2. Kim, I'm going to make every comment you make a popular drill. You might as well make a hot key function on your computer to auto-paste it. :D

  3. My mouth are drooling at this picture! Suddenly I feel so hungry :)

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  5. I feel hungry just looking at these pictures. My wife and I love making pizzas. We'll have to try this. :)

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  8. This pizza looks great! I am now hungry - off to the fridge.


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