Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rose Factory (aka, my house, this whole last while)

Just making up some pretty ivory / white sugar roses for the M&Ms (aka The Ms) this weekend. Will post tutorials after the wedding?

...I should really say fondant roses - they take about three days to make because of the drying process. (You do NOT want to make it all at once. ;)

Roll, shape, dry. Roll, cut, cut again, soften, adhere (x5), prim, dry. Repeat the last part until you have a flower to your liking.

Edit: S'more....

Calla Lily (some call it Arum Lily??) is my favourite flower. Not sure about keeping the blue ones.
Baby blue roses. Toothpick came out of the first one fine. These ones? not a chance. Will have to warn others about the picks.


  1. Wow! That's skill! So, in the end, how many roses you made? :D

  2. Kim, Will be making too many by the end of it. Of course, being me, I kind of procrastinated already. Hence the factory. ;p

    ..and look at me, procrastinating further by blogging about it!

  3. wow...would love for you to join us at the Baker's Market.

    Back by popular demand! The Baker's Market is a Saturday market starting up again on Oct. 2 - Dec. 11. Inspired by farmers markets (no veggies please), just lots of sweet & savoury baked goodies. 11am-3 pm. Enter through the back door at #115-408 East Kent Avenue South, Vancouver, BC V5X 2X7. for more info.

    Support your local, talented & creative bakers, who love to bake for customers like you! FREE PARKING and FREE ADMISSION.

    We are now accepting applications for vendors too.
    If you or someone you know is a home baker, student baker, professional baker or "wanna-be" baker that specializes in sweet or savoury baked goods, we'd love to have them as vendor. Kindly forward this email to them.

    ***be kind to the environment by bringing your own containers for your goodies
    -washrooms are not available
    -no pets
    -accessible by wheelchairs, strollers
    -come by bike, bus and Canada line (Cambie and Marine Drive station)

  4. Omigosh these flowers are gorgeous! Very impressive! And you learned all of this at Michaels?!

  5. oh wow... nice... I wish I had that kinda skills, looking forward to the tutorial

  6. Jessica,
    I am so impressed by your flowers. I'm also learning cake decorations at Michaels with a girlfriend. It has been years since I've seen you last and now I found you while searching for food blogs! As usual, food seems to unite us. Hope all is well and I enjoy reading your food adventures.

    : )

  7. Merc, It has been a loooong time!
    Glad that you found me. If you decide to take the fondant / gum paste course, please do let me know. That is the only one left that I haven't taken, and I would love to take it with you!

  8. These are absolutely gorgeous. Amazing work! Wish I could learn how to make them. I bet I'll spend 3 hours working on just one!

  9. Joy, thank you for the comment. It *does* take a long time at first, but once you get the hang of it, most of the time is spent waiting for the layers of petals to dry. :)


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