Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poutine @ Anny's Dairy Bar (New Westminster BC)

I've written about Anny's Dairy Bar before - M and I stopped by in the summer for burgers, frieds, and their creamy soft serve (with caramel ripple!).

Since I wrote that post though, there has been a number of posts about poutine - from Phyllis' poutine marathon (12 poutines in 12 days) to Mijunes posts (and vlog) on David Street. Since I had noticed that Anny's Dairy Bar served poutine (and also sold the cheese curds) in the Royal City, I'd mentioned it in a comment on Phyllis' entry.

I have a confession. I am a poutine newbie! Growing up, cheese simply disgusted me. I would watch a highschool friend of mine (all 90lbs of her) order a large poutine from NY fries and she'd down it all herself. She had just moved from Montreal and she said it reminded her of home. I'd pretty much gag a little as I watched her consumer her meal/snack.

Years later, it wasn't until M started forcing me to try cheese that I started to give in. Shortly thereafter, M realized that he'd created a monster - I was buying a new cheese every week, and while I was living in Victoria for a short time, me and one of my roomates would make cheese, fruit and crackers (and the occasional pate) our dinner. (I miss those days!) Surprisingly, I was probably the thinnest in my life during that period.

Fast forward to today. I love cheese, but have still not conquered poutine. I don't know - something about cheese curds and gravy. I'd much rather have the fries on their own, or topped with chili or accompanying stew.

So as I read more and more of Phyllis and Mijunes' posts on poutine, I figured I'd have to make a foray into the world of poutine. And so I did...keep in mind that every journey begins with a single step! :p

Last weekend, I found myself back at Anny's Dairy Bar, craving something warm, comforting, and filling. Poutine would do the trick!

There was a single attendant in the establishment but the steady patrons kept her busy while I was there. Some were finishing up their soft serve cones; others were picking at their burgers or poutines. How was it? Did it pop my poutine cherry? (Theoretically, it did, as I've never had a poutine to myself nor have I ever finished more than a couple bites.)

I'll just say that it was a comfortable foray into the poutine world. The fries were slightly crisp and seasoned well, however there was too much gravy in my portion and some fries actually got left behind of this. The curds were not "squeaky" like Phyllis has mentioned, and had been added cold onto the hot fries. Despite being some curds being lukewarm and no squeaky texture, the cures were yummy! Some curds melted; others remained intact. The gravy was not too salty (thank goodness) and had a nice texture.

The meal was what I wanted it to be; satisfying and comforting, however I'd like to try other poutines (like Brado Pizza's!) to see how they stack up.

Anny's Dairy Bar
722 Sixth Street
New Westminster BC
P: 604-515-1410

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  1. I can see Anna's out my window, almost. It's like a half block away or so. Really need to pay them a visit. BTW, Tom Yum's Pad Thai was freaking great...a perfect scouting mission. It's the next Friday lunch if all goes well.

  2. If you have a sweet tooth, the soft served is great.

    Re: Tom Yum: Phew! Good to hear! Was the owner in that day? I was surprised to see / hear so many people in the back that day but perhaps it was because of the weekend?

  3. You will have to try the Brado Poutine Pizza and tell us about it!

  4. Woooohooo! So excited you tried your first poutine :D Those are some healthy looking cheese curds at Anny's. Too bad they didn't squeak but maybe you'll have better luck at Brado!

  5. Thanks Phyllis! :) The curds *did* taste a little healthy, not greasy or fatty at all (as I tried to convince myself). Will need to try Brado Pizzas version one of these days to see what I'm missing.


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