Sunday, March 21, 2010

Isaac & Agatha (Bridgeport, Richmond, BC)

Isaac & Agatha recently reopened on Bridgeport under new management / partnership (if I remember correctly, it was Isaac & someone else prior). The eateries in this area cater to the "grab and go" crowd in this industrial area of Richmond, and Isaac & Agatha are no exception. They have a spacious seating area and are only open for breakfast and lunch.

That being said, they only offer a limited selection of breakfasts. Their lunch options are more varied, from pastas, sandwiches, Filipino fare, to souvlaki, burgers and grilled items. On this occasion, I stopped in for a quick breakfast as it was my "day off from the gym".

As I have been trying to avoid meat in a (desparate?) bid to eat healthier, I have been looking for veggie / lighter options in my eatings. Alas, aside from their lunch menu, there are no vegetarian-friendly substitutes in their breakfast, and every breakfast option includes meat and eggs. I settled on the bacon mushroom omelette. It was prepared fresh and delivered to my table with a free, fresh coffee (not sure if the owner / attendant thought I was a food blogger - she hadn't seen my camera yet, or that she just thought I needed one. :p).

I did have to run back up to the counter to grab some utensils, condiments, and napkins, but I'm sure seasoned patrons to the establishment are aware of this. Another note was that the creamers brought to the table with my meal were ice cold - something my "inner health inspector" appreciated. (Personally, the small amount of creamer within each tiny package, along with the method of packaging - pasteurized aseptic leaves little health safety concern, but on a "potential hazard" level, many health officials *love* to scold restaurant operators on keeping the creamers on ice or at refrigerator temperatures. Don't get me started.)

My bacon mushroom omelette came with two slices of brown toast and fresh fruit. Again, I appreciated the fresh fruit (many other "truck stop" joints around this area do not include this), and also the unbuttered toast. This made for a slightly healthier meal - quite often I leave toast on my plate as the cook has put too much butter on it; the way Isaac & Agatha presented it allows the customer to regulate the amount of butter. While I enjoyed my meal the loneliness of Isaac & Agatha resonated with me. The place was deserted for the entire duration of my stay - perhaps people only show for lunch?

The reason could be that Isaac & Agatha lack an identity. A glance at the rest of their menu is greatly varied. There are sandwiches and burgers, but also pastas, chicken, calamari, souvlaki, and seafood. In addition to this, there is a small separate menu advertising Filipino lunch at the counter. Is this an instance of "Jack of All Trades" gone wrong? Time will tell.

Service was prompt and indifferent, but little really appeals to me about Isaac and Agatha to make a return visit, unless I was in the area and looking for a quick bite that *wasn't* fast food.

Isaac & Agatha
#101 - 11911 Bridgeport Road
Richmond BC
P: 604-276-0201

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  1. I used to work near that stretch of Bridgeport. I noticed that Issac and Agatha while stopping off at Ikea the other week. Thanks for blogging about it! I was curious what that place was. It seems lately there is a spate of trendy sounding restaurant names.

  2. Thanks for the comment Anonymous. Luckily, Isaac & Agatha are situated on busy Bridgeport. Time will tell if Richmond commuters / workers like their fare. :)


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