Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lhy Thai (Edmonds, Burnaby, BC)

Finally - some free time! Work has slowed down a bit, and I've just been working on being less tense. We've been doing a lot of biking just to enjoy the last bits of this Indian / El Nino summer.

I *had* to post on Lhy Thai - I first heard about it when E suggested it for a summertime meet up when H was in town a couple months. E sounded *SO* excited about Lhy Thai, but at last minute, I couldn't find any info about it so, we had gone to Balkan House, which is just up the street from Lhy Thai.

The next buzz I heard about Lhy Thai was from Sherman's post. It was on my wishlist on Urbanspoon shortly there after and on Friday, I *finally* had a chance to drop by for dinner. While waiting for a table, I noticed that Lhy Thai had posted up a thank you to Sherman for his review - now that's PR!

We ordered our standard Phat Thai with chicken, and were pleasantly surprised - one thing about Phat / Pad Thai is that every restaurant does it differently. Some have freshly ground peanuts on top. Some have more tamarind pulp in the sauce. Some have different toppings and extras like tofu, different veggies, and the addition of fresh cilantro or other herbs as a garnish. But I can always say that Phat Thai evokes this response - it is all good. :)

Lhy Thais' version was more tamarind / Thai ketchup based. All the dishes arrived promptly, and when we went to pay our bill, it was no wonder - there were about five to six people in the back, all working dilegently.

We wanted to try something different, and ordered a Moo Ga-Tiam. The magic here was created with garlic, ground pepper, green onion and fresh cilantro. The key ingredient was the fresh cilantro. This dish went nicely with steamed rice.

Next up was a Penang Neua - beef in red curry. While we *always* favour green curry chicken, we believe we have a new favourite. Slightly sweet, slightly spicy, a little curry goes a long way! Between the pork dish and the penang beef, we ordered two large rices just to enjoy all the sauce in the dishes. In fact, after we packed up our leftovers, I almost thought that M was going to lick the dish of the remaining sauce! haha!

Lhy Thai has been in their location for more than 15 years - I can't believe that I only heard about it this year!

There were many take out orders, as well has lots of regulars that came and went while we enjoyed our meal. And although the seating arrangements were "tight" as Sherman put it, there were a number of reservations - and people didn't mind waiting either!

I am *so* glad to have found another Thai restaurant with extremely reasonable prices, as well as proximity to where we live now. Love it, love it, love it. We'll be back for sure.

Lhy Thai

7357 Edmonds Street [map]

Burnaby BC

P: (604) 526-8085

Lhy Thai on Urbanspoon


  1. I'm glad that you liked the food Jessica! It's such a hidden gem. I particularly like the flavours there. A thank you note to me??? Really? Wow... I'm honoured...

  2. Although I already had in mind visiting this place, I guess after two post, the pressure is even greater...

    Oh, Jessica, welcome back. I missed your posts!

  3. Thanks for the comments Sherman, Kim - it's good to be back!

    We went for *more* Thai food on Sunday just because we were anxious to have some more...will post about that later.

    Sherman, I thought was good PR - they were thanking you for uploading their menu on Urbanspoon.

    Kim, you have to do it! For dinner or lunch - both very reasonably priced, as I see.


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