Monday, December 1, 2008

Review: Soho Bar and Grill


Aside from special event nights (UFC, hockey game PPVs), Soho is pretty much empty. On UFC and PPV nights it is the opposite. The place is packed (standing room only, people standing and dining along the partitions), and I'm surprised the fire department has not ticketed this place.

The older Indian couple who own this place hire young inexperienced waitresses and bartenders to man the front of the house. This penny-pinching is evident in other areas as well - meatless nachos, completely turning off the heat until the place is about 40% full, and limited number of debit / cc machines.

I thought it was an okay local joint until I went to watch UFC with the boys one night. The place was rowdy, and when we went to pay a half hour before the title fight ended, they could not handle the rush. The waitress meant well enough, but she had neglected to bring me a last drink (someone had spilt it, apparently), while it showed up on the bill. She did not / could not remove it from the bill, so we had to stay an extra forty minutes for the problem to be rectified. The cherry on the sundae was that the manager was unhelpful, unapologetic, and rude as well - I don't mind if someone screws up, but acknowledge it and be nice about it, at least!

Food was decent, but there are other places to spend my money and watch the game.

Soho Bar and Grill

7090 Lougheed Highway, @ Bainbridge [map]

Burnaby BC

Phone: 604-421-4877

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