Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Menu!

Photo of Christmas dinner past:

Christmas is at moms house, with multiple contributions by family members, but as usual, I will be cooking up a feast on Christmas day:

-stuffed mushroom caps
-cheese and squash souffles
-dips + fresh veggies
-deviled eggs
-green onion cakes
-spring rolls (possible - recipe to come later)

-prime rib roast
-suckling pig (by the T&F houses!)
-creamy corn (typical)
-parchment steamed veggies (trying to be healthy!)
-buttered mushrooms (another typical)

I think i might request that my mom makes some steamed eggs and rice. (craving some comfort / home food)

There might be a couple late contributions or additions of baked potatoes / sweet mashed potatoes, plus dessert (there's always room for dessert). We'll see!

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