Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to Yum-O-Rama!

Happy New Year Everyone!
And Happy Birthday to Yum-O-Rama! This blog is officially one year old! It was a year a couple days since I posted about Ocean Club. It was Ronaye's birthday and although the food was inventive, there was a shortage of food since the time also coinceded with the huge dumps of snow we had in the lower mainland last year.

I'd like to say I've been productive and have loads of new posts for you all, but I don't. I've been sitting back and enjoying family and friends - isn't that what life is all about? I've also been sick in the last while. 2009 was a perspective year and it really put my priorities in place. That is, family and friends rank numero uno.

I've used this blog as a conveyance to have more meals with all my loved ones, and to some extent, it worked. But near the end of 2009 it was just time to put the camera away and spend more time eating with the f&f and enjoying their company instead of watching it all through a lens.

And so, if you believe in resolutions, I believe that I'd like to place importance on the relationships and interactions. This blog will still go on, but I'd like to place more of my emphasis on the company rather than on this blog. Hear me? :)

Happy New Year again! Thank you for reading - I *do* have posts on the way!


  1. aww... i like your blog, so i'll be sad not to see as many updates, but also happy that you get lots of f&f time :) happy 2010

  2. Tia, Happy New Year! Thank you so much! I'll still be updating, but just not commiting as much time to it - I just do not want to promise to go back to the frequency that I was posting earlier last year, and not delivering.
    We're still eating and commenting! :)


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